At What Age Does Your Child Need to See an Orthodontist?

Posted on June 28, 2022

At what age should your child see an orthodontist? This is a crucial question that most parents ask. According to the American Association of orthodontists, the short answer is that parents should schedule an evaluation as soon as they notice any signs of orthodontic problems. Other than that, the first consultation should be scheduled no… Read more »

2 Important Facts About Overbites

Posted on June 6, 2022

As a parent, you should be aware of taking care of the teething process that your children go through. For some children, their teeth will start to come in as early as 4-6 months, with the first baby tooth coming in around six months. While this may seem like a long time for it to… Read more »

5 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Dentist

Posted on June 6, 2022

Anxiety is a common denominator of every child going to a dentist appointment. According to Chron, orthodontists are trained in dentistry but only 5% of trained dentists are trained in orthodontics. Taking your child for a dental check-up is an important decision to make, and as such, you should consider asking children’s dentists what steps… Read more »

4 Tips For Preventing Cavities in Kid’s

Posted on June 6, 2022

Keeping children’s teeth clean can be a tiring experience. According to the Center for Pediatric Dentistry, more than 40% of kids have dental cavities by the time they enter kindergarten. Children can be big fans of sweets and may be unaware of the necessity of dental cleanliness. Consequently, getting kids to stick to a tight… Read more »

3 Facts About Braces For Kids

Posted on May 3, 2022

Some people believe that orthodontic treatments should start while you are a teenager, but the truth is that it would be simpler and easier for your child to get a proper smile if they start at an earlier age. According to the American Association for Orthodontics, it’s estimated that 3.9 million kids in America are… Read more »

3 Amazing Benefits of Having Sealants on Your Teeth

Posted on May 2, 2022

A childrens dentist will help monitor the progress of your child’s teeth by confirming that all teeth are present, clean, in good condition, intact in their right place, and growing naturally. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, children that have sealants on their permanent premolars and molars lowers the risk of cavities by 80%,… Read more »

Answering 3 Popular Questions About When Children Should See Pediatric Dentists

Posted on April 26, 2022

Dentistry prefers the preventative approach when it comes to protecting your teeth. That’s why it is important to schedule appointments with your dentist twice a year for a checkup. A pediatric dentist is a dentist for children, and there is often confusion about how to make sure children are getting the best dental care beyond… Read more »

5 Common Reasons For Braces

Posted on March 30, 2022

If you are considering braces for yourself or your child, you may be wondering what the most common reasons for braces are. Orthodontia is a branch of dentistry that specializes in diagnosing, treating, and preventing irregularities of teeth. Braces are one of the most common treatments used to correct alignment issues. Here are some of… Read more »

Common Signs of Gum Disease

Posted on March 29, 2022

Gum disease is nothing to smile about. For one thing, it can cause discomfort and a change in your smile’s appearance. For another, it can gradually lead to serious periodontal disease, which may result in lost teeth. It’s easy for gum disease to occur without regular cleaning, which is why a typical dentist for kids… Read more »

5 Tips For Avoiding Cavities

Posted on March 26, 2022

It’s no secret that cavities are a major problem in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 40% of children have dental cavities by the age of five. Here are our top five tips for avoiding cavities. 1. Brushing You should brush your teeth at least twice a… Read more »

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