orthodontist for kids

3 Reasons Why Visiting an Orthodontist for Kids Makes All the Difference

Posted on November 16, 2022

orthodontist for kids

When you make an orthodontic appointment for your kids, you should make it with an orthodontist for kids. Here are three benefits to taking your child to see an orthodontist for kids.

1. The Environment Is Setup For Kids

An orthodontist that specializes in treating kids is called a pediatric orthodontist. Pediatric offices offer a child-friendly environment in the office that can help kids to feel more at ease when they go to see the orthodontist. It can be calming for a kid to be in an environment that is child friendly. It can be scary enough to go to the orthodontist. You shouldn’t add to their stress by putting them in a “no play” zone at the orthodontist’s office.

2. They Are Specialists

Kids orthodontics is a specialty niche within the orthodontic field. Kid orthodontists receive extra training, more experience with children and can simplify the process of treating kids. They have developed the skill set to help kids to feel at ease and are experts at diagnosing problems and starting early intervention treatment and planning.

An orthodontist that specializes in caring for children has the right-sized equipment to provide exceptional treatment. They do not have adult-sized equipment that they make work for smaller mouths. They are experts at treating developing teeth.

3. They Are Great Communicators

About 25% to 50% of children will require orthodontic care, according to the ADA. Many children are apprehensive about this type of care. An orthodontist that works with children every day and specializes in treating children understands the unique fears and needs they have. From the minute your child walks into the office, they will know that this practice is all about them.

Pediatric orthodontists are experts in how to communicate with parents and children alike. They help parents understand the process and what to expect. In other words, a children’s orthodontist will partner with the parents to ensure the treatment is a success.

If your child needs to see an orthodontist, your best bet to make the process easier is to find a pediatric orthodontist that you can partner with. Make your appointment with us today.

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