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Should Your Child Get Sealants on Their Permanent Molars?

Posted on October 19, 2022

kids dentists

Sealants on your children’s permanent molars are encouraged by kids dentists to keep their teeth healthy. The cost is low, and it protects your child’s teeth in several ways. Sealants prevent plaque buildup in their teeth, seal grooves and pits on the surface of the teeth, oral disease, and keep teeth healthy.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are thin coats of sealant made of plastic that are applied to teeth in liquid form. The sealant is applied by painting it on and letting it dry. It is mostly used on the back molars of children. Dental sealants last from five to 10 years. They come in clear and white color options, making the color almost invisible after it is applied. It can be reapplied again when it wears off.

Sealants Protect Against Cavities

Sealants make it hard for bacteria to stick to the surface of the tooth. When applied, the teeth are cleaned, a small amount of gel is applied, then it dries on the tooth. The teeth are rinsed and dried again before the sealant is applied to the teeth. According to the Centers for Disease Control, dental sealants reduce cavities by 80% on permanent molars. When the sealant is applied, all crevices and holes will be filled in to protect the tooth from decay. The sealant covers the grooves that are hard to reach with a toothbrush to remove plaque.

Keeps Plaque From Building Up

Bacteria builds up and causes tooth decay and bleeding gums. The bacteria could be caused by plaque buildup that comes when food and sugar from beverages stick to the teeth and cannot be removed. The sealant protects the teeth against plaque and bacteria. The sealant works well with mouthwash and brushing your teeth properly every day, increasing the success of good oral care.

Prevents Serious Oral Disease

Often, plaque and bacteria will eventually develop into more serious oral diseases in children. Gingivitis is an early gum disease that leads to infections and bleeding gums. When the tooth enamel is not protected it often wears down, leading to dental pain and cavities. This can lead to wearing down the gums and bone tissue, leading to periodontal disease. Kids dentists recommend having sealants to prevent the development of early oral disease. Sealants are also effective in treating sensitive teeth too.

Overall, sealants on early children’s molars will prevent tooth decay and help with sensitive teeth. Kids dentists recommend early treatment to help keep your children’s teeth healthy. Contact us by filling out our online form or calling to learn more about sealants for your children.

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