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Common Myths About Braces Debunked

Posted on September 21, 2022

Before and After Orthodontic Photos - Jacaranda Smiles

Wearing braces may feel uncomfortable at first. However, they serve an important purpose. Braces help align and strengthen your teeth. Unfortunately, there is false information regarding braces online. To help clarify things, here is a look at the truth regarding common myths about braces.

Braces Provide Permanent Relief

This is not an accurate statement. It is important that you take care of your teeth throughout your life. This means continuing to get enough nutrition and then floss, brush, and mouthwash three times per day. Once your braces taken off, you will wear a retainer overnight. Wearing your retainer helps strengthen your teeth in their new alignment, but they can still shift over time if you do not wear them.

Braces Cause Extensive Pain

I am sure that you have heard this one before as a warning to avoid getting braces. However, this statement is incorrect. While you may feel pain during the first few months that you are wearing braces, the pain will eventually go away over time. Once you get through the initial rough period, you will start to feel comfortable. However, it is important that you avoid eating foods that could damage your braces and cause you to feel pain.

Wearing Braces Is Only Acceptable for Kids

This is one of the most common myths about braces currently spreading. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, you should schedule an evaluation as soon as you see any signs of orthodontic problems. While the AAO recommends starting braces no later than age seven, you can still wear braces as an adult. It is never too late to develop strong and healthy teeth if you did not have access to treatment when you were younger.

Braces Are a Safety Hazard

You have heard that wearing braces is a safety hazard. The idea that wearing braces is a potential safety issue is false. Any discomfort that occurs is a result of your teeth slowly shifting into alignment. Proper alignment is more beneficial than improper alignment and bites, which can cause neck, jaw, and head pain.

It Takes Years to Notice the Results

Every person has a unique set of circumstances. There is a chance you may only wear braces for a year. There is also a chance you can wear them for five years if you do not follow important instructions.

Wearing Braces Can Permanently Damage Speech Patterns

This is incorrect. Again, there will be an adjustment period while your mouth adjusts. You may feel discomfort, but braces do not cause damage to your speech patterns. If anything, your tongue will be able to maneuver around your mouth when your teeth and jaw are properly set more naturally.

Wearing braces puts you on the road to developing a strong, beautiful, and healthy smile. Contact Jacaranda Smiles today for more information or to begin.

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