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Without Retainers, Your Investment In Your Child’s Teeth May Be Wasted

Posted on April 1, 2019

The biggest problem with popular perception is that it does not lend itself to scientific evaluation. People tend to believe whatever it is that they hear. When the things don’t work out as expected – they would blame the wrong person.

This is pretty much the story of every individual who has gone for braces but has avoided wearing retainers, because apparently, it was not necessary. This is the exact reason why people have started doubting the efficacy of the braces themselves.

Now, as a methodology, there is nothing wrong with braces. There is enough research to show that the work. The only problem is they unfold over a long period of time, and this process includes a lot of steps and stages. Many people, wondering about the end results they will get after years, start with this journey – but do not follow its course.

Here are some of the most common reasons people have given to avoid wearing retainers:

  1. It is too difficult to wear them.
  2. They are not necessary.
  3. They don’t make me look good.

The problem with all the three reasons given here is – they are not even considering retainers for the job they are supposed to do. Hence, before you start understanding why you should wear retainers more often, you should understand why is wearing a retainer necessary.

It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that anyone who has the option to wear a retainer along with or after having worn braces, actually has misaligned teeth and is willing to fix them in order to get the perfectly aligned teeth.

Now, it has to be made clear that the retainer’s job is to ensure that your teeth get into their proper alignment. In order to do this, the retainers give your teeth the required support wherever necessary and provide your tooth with the uniform pressure points required to shape the alignment the perfect way.

Hence, retainers themselves do not have any aesthetic value but they are important if you want to have well aligned teeth. Thus, if you are making an investment in getting your teeth aligned with precision, it only makes sense to wear retainer along side.

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