orthodontic treatment

Factors That Affect the Length of Your Child’s Ortho Treatment

Posted on April 30, 2024

orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is an umbrella term encompassing every type of treatment from an orthodontist, like braces. Most people have to wear braces for an average of two years, according to Nemours. However, several factors impact how long your child’s treatment plan will take. In this article, we’ll cover everything you should know about the various factors to consider.

Orthodontic Issues

The severity of the issues being addressed is one of the most significant factors impacting a treatment timeline. More severe problems will take longer to correct and may require various types of treatment. Your orthodontist will be able to tell you approximately how long the treatment should take for your child’s specific issues.

Following the Plan

How well a child adheres to the rules outlined in a treatment plan is another factor impacting how long orthodontic treatment will take. For example, many children have to wear a retainer. However, if a child doesn’t wear the retainer like they should, the treatment will take longer to achieve the desired results.


Some children experience certain complications throughout treatment. For example, a child may wind up with broken brackets on their braces. When this happens, the braces do not effectively align the teeth. The more complications like this a child has, the more extended orthodontic treatment will take.

Early Intervention

Many dental conditions are eligible for early intervention strategies. Early intervention often involves various treatments offered to children before adolescence. When children undergo earlier treatment plans to address orthodontic concerns, the treatment plans are shorter when they are older. So, if your child has early intervention plans for the same issues, you can enjoy a shorter treatment plan.

Child’s Age

Children are more susceptible to orthodontic treatment when the bones and teeth are still growing and moving. That’s why it’s common for teenagers to wear braces. Their permanent teeth are in, but they are also still growing. However, the older a child is, the longer the treatment may take. This varies depending on your child.

An orthodontist will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine specific concerns. They’ll review a treatment plan and tell you how long it will take. Contact Jacaranda Smiles to get started with this exciting process today!

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