What Should You Do If Your Child Chips a Tooth?

What Should You Do If Your Child Chips a Tooth?

Posted on January 5, 2023

What Should You Do If Your Child Chips a Tooth?

A chipped tooth can be a scary experience for both the child and their parent. There’s the obvious pain, which can be shocking and jarring for your child. They could be crying or even screaming, depending on what happened. There’s also the uncertainty about what will happen with the tooth and what steps you should take next. Fortunately, most chipped teeth are not serious issues. Even in the most serious instances, there are steps the pediatric dentist can take to repair the tooth. Below are a few steps you should do if your child chips a tooth.

Stay Calm And Look For Injuries

Your child may be hysterical from the pain and the shock of the situation. They will likely mirror your emotions, so it’s important for you to stay calm. If you’re calm and reassure them, they will likely calm down quickly. Once you are able to, look inside their mouth. Make sure there are no teeth fragments in the mouth or any cuts. Try to ascertain just how much of the tooth was chipped off. This is all information your dentist will need later. Finally, wash out the mouth to remove any germs and use a paper towel to stop any bleeding.

Save The Tooth Fragment

It’s possible that your child’s dentist will be able to bond the fragment back to the tooth. This depends on a few things, such as how large the fragment is and the angle at which it was chipped off. It’s important to save the fragment so you have the option to bond the tooth together if the dentist decides to go that route. Put it in a Ziploc bag with milk until you talk to the dentist.

Call Your Pediatric Dentist

Call your child’s pediatric dentist as soon as possible to discuss the next steps. If it’s a small chip, they may have you schedule an appointment in the near future. It’s also possible, if more than half the tooth is chipped, they may want you to visit an emergency dentist, as it’s possible a nerve could be exposed. If it’s a baby tooth and the chip is small, the dentist may opt not to fix it at all since the tooth will fall out eventually.

According to the World Health Organization, roughly 20% of people will encounter dental trauma, and many of these cases are children due to their high-energy nature. If your child does chip a tooth, don’t panic, and give Jacaranda Smiles a call to learn how to care for the chipped tooth.

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