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The Importance of Dental Examinations & Cleanings

Posted on August 14, 2018

At Jacaranda Smiles, with locations in Pembroke Pines and Plantation, FL we believe that prevention is one of the best tools to prevent dental complications. We recommend that each of our little patients visit us for routine dental cleanings and examinations at least twice a year. Visiting your dentist routinely can reduce risk of tooth decay, gum disease and even infections.

About Dental Examinations

Routine dental examinations are important for monitoring your child’s smile and overall oral health. We are able to thoroughly examine the teeth, gums, tongue and even lips to look for signs of complications. In the event issues are noticed, a treatment plan can be quickly created to restore your child’s oral health.

About Dental Cleanings

When it comes to dental hygiene, our little one’s are still perfecting their skills. Professional dental cleanings allow your dentist to thoroughly clean every area of the mouth (even those places your child misses). Professional dental cleanings can reduce bad breath, plaque formation and even bacterial overgrowth, reducing your child’s risk of decay, infection and disease.

Patients that neglect to visit their dentist routinely often have higher risks of dental complications, resulting in more invasive, costly and painful treatments down the road.

When Should I Schedule My Child’s First Visit?

We recommend that your child see us for a professional examination once their first tooth has erupted (typically around 6 months of age), however if that is not possible they should definitely see a dentist by age one.

How Often Should I Schedule Visits?

At Jacaranda Smiles, we recommend that your child visit us at least twice a year for routine professional care. If they are more prone to decay, infection or damage, more frequent appointments may be recommended.

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Ready to schedule your child’s dental examination and cleaning in Pembroke Pines or Plantation? Contact Jacaranda Smiles today, we’re always accepting new smiles at our practice and would be happy to treat your little one.

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