Tips to Help Get The Most Out Of Your Braces

Tips to Help Get The Most Out Of Your Braces

Posted on January 31, 2022

Tips to Help Get The Most Out Of Your Braces

Braces are an ideal way to improve your overall dental health and get a great smile. However, you can control how long you wear braces and how effectively they work by caring for them while you are wearing them. According to Kid’s Health, the average amount of time that a person will spend wearing bracing is about two years.

How Braces Feel

When you first visit the orthodontist and get your braces, they will feel weird and maybe uncomfortable. You will get used to the feeling in a few days. You may talk funny at first, but that corrects itself quickly. You may also feel some sensitivity after you get them adjusted. Cold water and smoothies may help your gums feel numb and provide some relief. You may consider eating soft foods for a few days until the sensitivity goes away. The irritation you initially feel after getting your braces will go away once your mouth gets used to the feeling of the braces.

Brushing Teeth

It is imperative that you brush your teeth every morning and night and after each meal. You want to make sure you brush around each one of the wires and pay attention to the molars. You also want to make sure you get in all the nooks and crannies around your braces. Do not forget to floss with an orthodontic flosser. You also want to use a fluoride mouthwash to take care of germs and bacteria.

Eating Food With Braces

You want to be especially careful with the food that you eat. You do not want to eat anything sticky or hard as these will damage your braces. This includes biting into items like bagels, apples, and raw carrots. Instead, it would be best if you cut them into bite-size pieces. You should also avoid most candy. It might seem like a hefty price to pay while wearing the braces, but it will make all the difference when the orthodontist removes your braces.

You want to continue to visit your regular dentist for cleanings and orthodontist while wearing braces. If you follow these instructions, you will find you have a much easier time while wearing your braces. You will also be incredibly pleased with the results. Keeping your braces clean and free of damage will help you tremendously.

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