orthodontist for kids

What Is an Overbite and Why Is It a Problem?

Posted on February 7, 2024

orthodontist for kids

Have you ever wondered what exactly an overbite is? Essentially, it’s when your upper teeth extend outward too far, causing them to overlap your lower teeth by an excessive amount. This misalignment of your upper and lower jaws can lead to some unpleasant issues if left unchecked. Keep reading to learn what qualifies as an overbite, what causes it, and why consulting an orthodontist for kids is your child’s best bet for correcting it.

What Qualifies as an Overbite?

For your child to have an overbite, their upper front teeth must protrude over their lower front teeth horizontally by more than 2 millimeters, or a 30% overlap. Anything more than this is usually considered abnormal. The direction their front teeth take is crucial here too — they need to recede at a certain inward angle rather than sticking straight out. If they protrude too far forward, it’s definitely possible your child has some degree of overbite going on.

What Health Issues Can an Overbite Lead To?

If let be, an overbite can contribute to a range of problems down the road. It tends to quicken uneven tooth wear over time since there’s excessive pressure placed on your child’s bottom front teeth and back molars. Jaw discomfort, frequent biting of cheek tissue, speech impairment, and TMJ/TMD pain can also develop. Even your child’s facial profile can be affected, taking on a “bulldog” type appearance in severe cases. Consulting an experienced orthodontist for kids is key to preventing complications.

Why See an Orthodontist for Kids to Fix It?

Seeing an orthodontist for kids to remedy an overbite at a young age is hugely important for both health and aesthetic reasons. An orthodontist for kids likely has the expertise to spot overbites early on and intervene with pediatric treatments like palate expanders or tongue cribs. These nonsurgical interventions, when your child is still actively growing, can alter the direction your child’s teeth and jaws are taking, guiding their bite into proper alignment over time. According to Verywell Health, aside from aesthetics, the second most common reason for braces is an overbite. An orthodontist for kids will also monitor your child through crucial developmental stages and apply braces optimally to sustain correct tooth placement.

Prioritize having an orthodontist for kids evaluate your child if an overbite is suspected. With early orthodontic treatment, overbites and their associated problems can often be reversed completely. Schedule a visit with Jacaranda Smiles today for a consultation.

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