Accelerators for Orthodontic Treatment in Pembroke Pines & Plantation, FL

The professional team at Jacaranda Smiles understand that patients want to straighten their teeth quickly. Using AcceleDent Aura or PROPEL can shorten orthodontic treatment time by half. In addition, AcceleDent or PROPEL in Plantation or Pembroke Pines, FL also allows for more comfortable treatment and better patient experience.


FDA-approved AcceleDent is a device that is worn around other orthodontics. AcceleDent generates micro-vibrations in the mouth. This advanced pulse technology assists tooth movement and helps get teeth aligned much faster. Combined with the force created by orthodontic appliances like braces or aligners, teeth shift into the desired positions for a speedier treatment. By wearing AcceleDent for 20 minutes every day, you can accelerate your treatment time. Just bite down on the mouthpiece to start the activator and allow it to pulse for 20 minutes, that is it! AcceleDent once a day to straighten crooked teeth in a fraction of the time.


Patented and FDA-registered, PROPEL is another accelerated orthodontic device that is used at Jacaranda Smiles. Dr. Milan Khakhria uses PROPEL to stimulate bone so that teeth shift into place more rapidly. A local or topical anesthetic may be applied before the micro-invasive procedure. Typically, there is no discomfort involved and no downtime. After PROPEL treatment you can get back to your usual daily routine without restrictions. The benefit of PROPEL is that only one office treatment may be needed. If it is determined that you more visits are needed, Dr. Milan Khakhria will recommend that you return in 6–12 weeks. If you want faster treatment results without wearing a daily device, ask us about PROPEL in Plantation, FL and Pembroke Pines.

Dr. Milan Khakhria

Our orthodontist, Dr. Milan Khakhria (pronounced Ka-kria), was born and raised in Kenya, hence the safari theme of his office. At the age of 16, he went to England to complete his Dental degree from the University of Manchester Dental School. Before entering private practice in London, Dr. Khakhria also completed a one-year General Practice Residency. During this time in London, he met and married his lovely wife, Priti.

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