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Why an Orthodontist Specializing in Children’s Orthodontic Services Is Important

Posted on October 13, 2023

orthodontic services

If you or your dentist notice issues with the spacing of your child’s teeth, if there are jaw issues, such as cross bites and overbites, or if your child has difficulty speaking, your child may benefit from orthodontic care. As you look for an orthodontist for your child, look for one who specializes in children’s orthodontic services, as children are treated a bit differently compared to adults. Here are some of the reasons why this is so important.

It’s Easier to Correct Jaw Alignment and Dental Arch Conditions in Children

An orthodontist who specializes in children’s orthodontic services is important because many people who need orthodontic care are children. If you’re able to, you should get your child’s issues fixed when they are young. This is because many issues, including jaw alignment issues and dental arch conditions, are easier to treat in children. It takes less time and generally has better results. A recent study found that in the United States, an estimated 3.9 million children are orthodontic patients, according to the American Association of Orthodontists.

It Helps to Boost Your Child’s Self-Confidence

Being a child or a teenager is hard enough. You naturally go through many changes and it’s not uncommon for them to struggle to feel comfortable in their own skin. This can only be exacerbated if your child has dental or orthodontic issues that affect their self-esteem. Childrens dentists and orthodontic professionals can help to fix your child’s teeth, which can help to boost their self-confidence.

It Minimizes Dental Issues Later in Life

You may not realize this, but orthodontic care can actually help to minimize dental issues later in your child’s life. Jaw alignment issues can cause your child jaw pain or can cause your child’s teeth to wear unevenly. Spacing issues put your child at greater risk for cavities as they age. You can minimize dental issues for your child later in life by seeking orthodontic care from a professional who specializes in children.

One of the most commonly repeated myths pertaining to orthodontic services is that these types of services are only utilized for aesthetic reasons. This is simply not the case. Childrens dentists may refer children to an orthodontist to correct issues that may cause your child pain, that may decrease your child’s self-confidence, or that may minimize dental issues later in your child’s life and help promote overall good dental health. If your child needs to be treated by an orthodontist, we can help. Call Jacaranda Smiles today to schedule an appointment.

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