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Should Your Child Be Seeing a Children’s Dentist?

Posted on December 23, 2020

Children’s dentists are the experts that specialize in caring for children’s unique dental needs. There are several reasons why choosing a children’s dentist is the best option for your child’s oral health care.

Ensuring that your child is getting the best in dental care sets them up for a lifetime of good oral health. Learn more about why children’s dentists are the best care providers for your child.

The Right Skill Set

A dentist that specializes in caring for children’s oral health typically has additional training in pediatric dentistry. Pediatric dentists can have several extra years of training beyond general dentistry. Children’s dentists receive the extra education that is required to use the smaller “child-size” dental tools, to recognize the early signs of dental disease in children, and of course, to make children feel comfortable.

This highly tuned skill set helps your child to get the best in care. At the children’s dentist office everyone on staff is experienced with making a child feel welcomed and comfortable.

The First Impression Is an Important One

One of the most important keys to exceptional oral health is regular dental exams, not only as a child but as an adult, too. Your child’s first impression of the dentist, the dental office, and the staff will shape how they view going in for those regular exams for the rest of their life.

It is vital that your child feels welcome, safe, and enjoys their time at the dentist. Good first experiences at the dentist will encourage a lifetime of regular exams to help keep their teeth and smile healthy and bright.

Children’s dentists specialize in making that first experience a great experience and every experience thereafter a great experience. They know how to provide care in a welcoming setting designed just for kids.

Early Interventions

That additional education that dentists for kids receive really pays off when it comes to early interventions. These specialty dentists can recognize the need for early interventions because they are trained to recognize problems at their earliest stage. For example, anywhere from 25% to 50% of kids will need orthodontic intervention. Early intervention for treatments like braces can help to improve results. At Jacaranda Smiles, we offer both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics to best serve our patients in the comfort of one office.

Education and Partnership

Kids dentists are not just beloved by their patients, parents love them too. The pediatric dentist partners with parents to provide valuable educational information about the care of young teeth, prevention, and how children and parents can work together to reach oral health goals.

One of the many roles a children’s dentist plays in their child patients’ life is that of an expert educator. They work with children to teach them how to care for their teeth early on. They use easy to understand language and props to convey instruction about oral health care that children easily understand and are willing to follow. They become great partners to parents for oral health care.

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