Orthodontic Treatment – One of the Most Important Parts of Your Child’s Oral Health Care

Posted on September 21, 2021


Nearly 3.9 million kids are patients of orthodontists in the United States. Is orthodontic treatment right for your child? Will they need to see an orthodontist to ensure they have straight teeth? Yes, it is a good idea to have your child’s teeth examined by an orthodontist. Orthodontic services are a very important part of children’s oral health.

Understand the Purpose of Orthodontic Treatment

A children’s orthodontist has the task of creating a functional, healthy “bite” for children. This includes part jaw position and part tooth alignment. When a child’s teeth and jawline up well, their oral health is as nature intended. An orthodontist can provide treatment for children that need help in achieving a healthy bite and function. On the plus side, treatment will also give them an attractive smile.

How Does Orthodontic Care Help Children?

The best orthodontist wants to help your child with clear speech as well as chewing and biting correctly. Teeth that function properly also tend to look beautiful. Achieving an attractive smile is just one of the many pleasant side effects of orthodontics. A child also stands to have better self-esteem and self-confidence with treatment that brings their lips, teeth, and face into proper placement. Teeth that are straight are also less prone to injury, gum disease, and decay.

Where Do Orthodontic Problems Come From?

Orthodontic issues in children could be present at birth due to genetics. They may also develop in early childhood because of late or early loss of baby teeth and bad habits such as thumb-sucking. Misaligned teeth tend to make it hard to have good oral hygiene too. Making an appointment for your child to see an orthodontist can help avoid problems while correcting dental arches and jaws that are not properly positioned.

Is There a Right Age for Treatment?

It is important to understand there is no “right” age for orthodontic care. Ideally, kids should be evaluated by the age of 7. This is the best time to start treatment if is it needed.

Children usually have their “6-year molars” by then and at least 4 to 8 permanent anterior teeth. The only way to tell when a child needs treatment is by monitoring their condition. An orthodontist is able to detect even the most subtle issues with adult teeth that are still emerging as well as jaw growth while your child still has their baby teeth.

If a problem is diagnosed, there tend to be three options available. Keep an eye on the condition as your child grows, schedule future treatment, or start early treatment. Every child is going to differ when it comes to the type of treatment they need. You can rely on a children’s orthodontist to keep you advised of necessary treatments and provide them at the best time.

Is It Too Late for Older Children?

Is your child older than 7? Don’t worry, it isn’t too late to schedule a check-up. If it is decided that they need treatment, their condition can still be treated successfully. Many youngsters begin orthodontic treatment when they are 9 up until they are 16. It all just depends on their physiological development and treatment requirements.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Child Now

Experienced orthodontists are intent on protecting a child’s smile and giving them better self-confidence. Their job is to ensure their health benefits in relation to the proper function of the teeth and jaw. Your child may stress about possibly getting braces. Rest assured that a pediatric orthodontist knows how to set them at ease. Call or text them today to schedule a virtual consult or in-office appointment.

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