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Healthy Snacks For Your Child's Smile

Posted on August 6, 2018

When it comes to our little ones and their smiles, we want them to be as healthy as possible, right? Today Jacaranda Smiles is providing a list of healthy snacks that can actually benefit your child’s smile.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away right? Not quite, but they are extremely great snacks for children! Apples are high in fiber, allowing them to naturally brush the teeth while also increasing saliva production which can help to rinse away any debris and bacteria left in the mouth.


Much like apples, celery can be a great snack that naturally cleans your child’s smile. Due to the fact that celery is high in fiber and stringy, it can help to floss and brush teeth along with improving saliva production.


Nuts are a great snack for a variety of reasons, including being high in protein. Due to the fact that nuts take quite a bit of chewing, they can also help to remove debris and bacteria from the mouth.


Along with being full of calcium, yogurt can help to reduce acidity in the mouth and even help to balance your gut and oral biome. Having a healthy mouth and gut can help reduce risk of a variety of complications.


While not exactly a snack, your child should always be drinking water after each meal (including snacks)! Drinking water following a meal helps to wash away any debris or bacteria, reducing risk of decay, infection and disease.

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