Young boy smiling and wearing a grey tshirt in front of a solid green background.

A Simple Guide on What to Expect During and After Braces Removal

Posted on May 18, 2021

Young boy smiling and wearing a grey tshirt in front of a solid green background.

Most kids and teenagers often find themselves in need of braces when growing up. Braces correct misaligned, overcrowded, crooked, and overlapping teeth. They can correct an overbite and an underbite and conditions where the upper and lower jaws are disproportional.

If your child already has braces, they will eventually have to be removed; the average child or teen wears braces for about two years. However, braces removal is not something that should be done at home. Your orthodontist will let you know when your treatment is complete and braces can be removed. Here is a simple breakdown to help you understand what you should expect.

1. Removal of Braces

Your child or teenager does not need prior preparation when getting their braces removed. All they need to do is brush their teeth and braces before the visit to the orthodontist. The procedure usually takes less than an hour.

Once you are at the orthodontist’s office, they will use special pliers to remove the wires and brackets on each tooth. The orthodontist will place the plier on each bracket to remove the braces, including the molar band. This dental procedure is painless, although you are likely to hear cracking noises.

2. Cleaning of Teeth

The cleaning procedure removes the excess glue that kept your child’s braces bonded on their teeth. They will use a hand grinder to polish the adhesive off the teeth. The procedure also gets rid of any food particles and plaque trapped between your kid’s teeth.

3. Dental Tests

If your child had extensive dental problems, the orthodontist might suggest digital photographs, a bite impression, or an X-ray. Your child will be given a retainer, which is a dental device that prevents teeth from shifting once the braces are removed.

4. Oral Aftercare

Your child should maintain proper oral hygiene and care once the braces have been removed. They should brush often, particularly after meals. A daily floss should also be included. Mouthwash and whitening creams are recommended for kids who have discoloration from the braces, but it’s best to consult with your child’s dentist.

If your child complains of teeth sensitivity or soreness after their braces are removed, consider removing hard and sticky foods from their diet. This includes hard bread, hard candies, popcorn, and raw vegetables. Sometimes you may notice that their gums are puffy following the braces removal procedure. This is not unusual, and it may take up to two months to resolve.

Make sure your child wears their retainer as instructed. Failure to do so may lead to a shift in their teeth, a condition that may force them to wear braces again.

Your child must maintain their dental hygiene after their braces are removed. They need to clean their teeth regularly as well as visit their dentist every six months.

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