5 Reasons to Treat an Overbite

5 Reasons to Treat an Overbite

Posted on January 25, 2022

5 Reasons to Treat an Overbite

If your child has an overbite, you need to see a children’s dentist immediately so that they can fix this condition. The procedure used not only rectifies seemingly physical flaws but also averts potential health dangers. Here are the top five reasons why you should treat an overbite.

1. Prevent Tooth and Gum Damage

Some of your teeth aren’t properly aligned when you’ve got an overbite. Moreover, the teeth in the front of your mouth might be rubbing against each other. The rubbing of teeth against each other causes wear and tear, leading to the destruction of your enamel. Enamel acts as armor protecting your teeth from bacteria. Without enamel, your teeth are prone to gum diseases and cavities.

2. Prevent Jaw Pain and TMJ

A TMJ disorder occurs when the joint that connects your jaw to the skull is irritated or damaged. TMJ disorder causes headaches, soreness, and ringing in the ears. TMJ also makes it difficult to yawn, eat, and even speak. So, if you observe that your child’s jaw is misaligned from an overbite, contact the children’s dentist immediately.

3. Learn to Appreciate Your Smile

An overbite is the second most common reason people put on braces besides aesthetics. With braces, you can afford a bright smile. A beaming and bright smile shows that you’re approachable and comfortable and helps attract people. So, don’t let your child hide their smile due to an overbite. Contact a childrens dentist to correct the situation either by using braces or other appropriate dental treatment.

4. Correct Your Facial Structure

An overbite changes the shape of your face! This is particularly the case if you are forward thrusting your upper jaw. So, a bit of jaw correction gives you a sharper jawline, making you look younger and thinner.

5. Correct Speech Impediments

Overbite teeth cause speech impediments like lisps. This is because the tongue isn’t hitting your teeth as required, making some sounds and letters difficult to pronounce. Combined with speech therapy, fixing your overbite helps correct speech impediments.

It’s important to contact a dentist immediately if your overbite causes issues. In any case, for both adults and children, the best way to prevent dental issues is to schedule frequent dental visits. It’s recommended that your children get dental checkups by the age of eight to help detect and treat an overbite. For adults, you should get regular checkups every six to twelve months to avoid the severe physical consequences of untreated overbite.

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