5 Reasons Not to Skip Your Orthodontist Appointments

5 Reasons Not to Skip Your Orthodontist Appointments

Posted on December 15, 2021

5 Reasons Not to Skip Your Orthodontist Appointments

If you want the best smile you can get, then don’t skip your orthodontist appointments. Going to every appointment may not be fun but skipping them will cost you in the long run. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t skip your orthodontist appointments.

1. See If the Treatment Is Working

If your orthodontist has you on a treatment plan, going to each appointment is a way for you to see if the treatment is working. If everything seems to be progressing as it should, then there’s no need for concern. However, if things aren’t looking as good as they should be or have slowed down considerably, your orthodontist may need to make some adjustments. Skipping appointments can cause a delay in treatment and ultimately cost you more money because the problems will have to be fixed at a later date.

2. Find Out How Long Your Treatment Will Take

Your orthodontist uses diagnostic tools during your regular visits that gives them an idea of how much longer your treatment will take and at what speed you’re currently progressing. Even if the orthodontist is only able to give a rough estimate, these numbers can help you determine when your treatment will be complete.

3. Get Issues Addressed Faster

If you go to every appointment, your orthodontist can get issues addressed before they become a problem. By missing an appointment or two, the problems may have progressed too far and require more intensive treatment or simply can’t be fixed by that particular visit’s procedure.

4. Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Everyone knows that the goal of orthodontic treatment is straight teeth. However, it’s important to keep your teeth healthy while correcting an alignment problem. Your orthodontist will show you how to brush your teeth properly and use other hygiene products to clean your teeth. Going to every appointment ensures that your teeth stay healthy until the treatment is complete.

5. Get Better Results

Orthodontic treatment doesn’t stop once your braces are put in. Going to every appointment ensures that you get the best results possible. Your orthodontist can fine-tune your braces and provide other products that help you get the best results possible.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, people have been living with crooked teeth and misaligned jaws since 400 BCE. These conditions can be fixed with orthodontic treatment, but it’s important to keep your appointments. Skipping appointments doesn’t just cost you more money, it makes the entire process take longer, too. Taking the time to attend every appointment will allow your orthodontist to get issues addressed faster. After all that time and money, you want the best results possible.

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