Talking With Your Child About Braces

5 Amazing Benefits of Braces

Posted on March 16, 2022

Talking With Your Child About Braces

If you notice that your child isn’t smiling in pictures, having a hard time chewing at dinnertime, or they are developing a speech impediment, it may be time to take them to a kids dentist to get braces. An orthodontist for kids can recommend braces to fix your child’s misaligned teeth, helping them feel better and be healthier. Here are five amazing benefits of braces for your child.

Braces Can Boost Their Confidence

According to, people have been suffering from crooked teeth since 400 BCE. This shows that your child is not alone when they are feeling discouraged by their misaligned teeth. A kids dentist may recommend your child to get braces if the misalignment is severe. This orthodontic treatment will help your kid’s smile become straight, which can boost their confidence and result in more smiles!

Braces Prevent Jawbone Erosion

Misaligned teeth can cause problems involving the jawbone. With your kid’s teeth leaving gaps and leaning forward or back too much, this can allow bacteria to start eating away at the jawbone. When the gaps are not being supported by teeth, this can cause harm. Therefore, it’s important that your kids dentist is aware of this early on so you can prevent jawbone erosion for your child.

Improve Speech With Braces

When your kid’s teeth are misaligned, they may feel embarrassed when they are speaking. Your kids dentist can help your child figure out the best solution to their problem, which may be in the form of braces. Braces can help your child’s teeth become straight, leaving no gaps in their teeth that could make them have a lisp or another speech impediment. This can improve the way they speak and, again, boost their confidence.


If you are noticing that your child is having a hard time chewing their food down to small, digestible bites, this could be harmful to their digestive tract. Braces can help with aligning your kid’s teeth, which can help them have better digestion in the future. Chewing properly is important and can keep your child’s body healthy and allow ease of digestion every time they eat.

Braces Improve Oral Health

The straightening of teeth can contribute to healthy gums and teeth. With straight teeth, your child will be able to brush and floss their teeth with ease, getting every part clean. It will help them maintain great oral hygiene and can help them prevent unwanted visits to the kids dentist office.

If you notice that your kid’s teeth are coming in crooked or they are having any issues involving their mouth, contact us today for an orthodontic consultation and learn more about the benefits of braces. Jacaranda Smiles can help give your child the confidence and straight smile they are looking for.

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