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What Causes a Gap in Your Front Teeth?

Posted on October 8, 2018

Diastema, commonly called tooth gap, is a medical condition wherein a space in between teeth happens and usually occurs between the two upper front teeth. For some people, having a gap-toothed smile could be a cause of distress, but for others, it might be no big deal. We will discuss some causes of front-tooth gaps. Rest assured, though, if you want your gap gone, your dentist can easily help you solve your dilemma.

What Causes the Gap?

Understanding the causes of tooth gap helps your dentist diagnose the condition faster and intervene with the perfect solution to your problem. Here are 4 main causes of diastema.

  • Some teeth are missing or too small. Size is an important risk factor why tooth gap exists. If your teeth are undersized, it can cause an extra space in between leaving other teeth to move. This is also caused by discrepancies of the size of the tooth to the jaw. Another reason is the absence of the upper lateral incisors which can cause the two front teeth to shift to the side.
  • Unhealthy dental habits formed over time can be distressing to the teeth. When the front teeth are stressed forward by thumb sucking, it can cause misalignment of the teeth which can also affect the jaw. Improper spacing also occurs from incorrect swallowing. Normally, when food is swallowed, the tongue tends to press the palate directly. But for some people, they press the front teeth causing gaps to progress.
  • The labial frenum is enlarged. The tissue that runs the upper lips to the gums is called labial frenum. In situations wherein it grows continuously, it passes through the two front teeth that results to a large gap.
  • Gum diseases such as gingivitis can cause tooth loss. Because the gums are inflamed and are not firmly attached to the bones, the tooth easily loosens. When there is tooth loss, space exists, and movement happens.

It is important to note that proper dental hygiene is taught primarily in the first stages of childhood. It is natural for children’s teeth to fall out from time to time and spaces exist but if no proper dental education is given, children can grow to develop serious conditions that eventually cause permanent tooth loss. Contact the orthodontic professionals at Jacaranda Smiles to schedule your orthodontic appointment today.

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