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4 Reasons Why Parents Choose Braces For Their Kids

Posted on July 31, 2020

The fact is that braces can be something of a pain. While the literal pain that people experience as they are installed is minimal, usually going no further than a bit of soreness around the jaws and gums, the annoyance of having them can be more of an issue. Teens in particular sometimes struggle with the idea of having braces. They might feel braces are embarrassing to wear and draw unwanted attention.

When a person has braces, they can’t eat certain types of food, for fear of it getting caught in their orthodontic devices. There is a bit of upkeep involved in wearing braces. Braces can make cleaning your teeth more cumbersome and require follow-up appointments with an orthodontist throughout treatment. This can be a lot for a teen to deal with. Nonetheless, teens are among the most common recipients of braces.

With that being said, let’s look into the “why” of braces. What makes parents decide that they should consult with an orthodontist for teens?

1. Overbite

Most of us know what an overbite is by now. But if you don’t know the technical definition, here’s a bit of a refresher: an overbite is ultimately any case in which the upper front teeth overlap with the lower front teeth. Though a large portion of the population has at least a little bit of an overbite, it becomes a problem when that overbite extends too far.

An overbite is the second most common reason why people choose braces for their children. When an overbite extends too far, this can cause eventual jaw pain, as well as tooth pain or damage. The teeth are essentially misaligned, and if braces are not used to realign them as the person grows, the damage will be permanent and will grow more severe over time. Braces offered by an orthodontist for teens are essentially the best solutions for a severe overbite.

2. Aesthetic

An overbite is the second most prominent reason why people choose braces. What is the first? It’s the overall aesthetic. This may at first seem shallow; and certainly, parents need to think carefully if they’re choosing braces purely for aesthetic purposes.

The last thing they want is for their kids to get the idea that they aren’t attractive without perfectly straight teeth. But people do tend to be drawn to the way others smile, and this can affect how adults are perceived when going out on dates or even trying out for new jobs.

3. Long-term Cost

A lot of parents don’t like the idea that their children will have to pay for braces in the future. The issue is that if an orthodontist for teens recommends braces when their patients are children, and the need for braces is ignored, that need will not simply disappear.

The patient will grow up to need braces, and will have to deal with greater social consequences as well as the cost of the braces. A lot of parents decide for their children so that they don’t have to deal with the issue well into adulthood.

4. Hygiene

Straight teeth are easier to clean and help to maintain your teen’s overall oral health. Crooked teeth and orthodontic problems that go untreated can create a breeding ground for plaque and cavities. Taking care of these issues when your child is young may save them from having to have expensive, more painful dental procedures or extractions later in life.

Ultimately, several different factors drive people to choose braces for their children. However, the most important thing is finding an orthodontist for teens who you can trust, and who knows what they’re doing if you decide that braces are the right option for your child. In this day and age, there are so many different types of braces to choose from that won’t affect your child’s life negatively, instead giving them a path forward that is both healthier and brighter.

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