straight teeth

3 Ways to Help Your Child Keep Their Straight Teeth

Posted on June 14, 2023

straight teeth

Having misaligned teeth not only impacts your self-confidence but also poses risks to your dental well-being, such as cavities, gum disease, and speech difficulties. It’s only natural that parents want to spare their children from such struggles. To help you ensure that your children have straight teeth, we’ve made a short list of tips.

1. No More Thumb Sucking

One of the most effective strategies to prevent crooked teeth is to minimize undue pressure on developing gums. Habits such as thumb-sucking, pacifier use, tongue thrusting, prolonged bottle feeding, and other oral issues during infancy can contribute to the improper growth of teeth and jaws. By encouraging the early stopping of object sucking, you can reduce the risk of your child developing crooked teeth or an uneven bite. This approach enables their jaw to naturally grow into its intended shape without any external force, resulting in healthy, straight teeth.

2. Practice Healthy Dental Hygiene Habits

Inadequate dental hygiene is a potential factor contributing to crooked teeth. When gum disease occurs in young children, decay and bacteria can invade the gums and impact the emerging adult teeth. Healthy gums and teeth have a higher likelihood of developing properly. Therefore, it’s crucial to assist your child in establishing healthy dental hygiene habits from an early age. Introducing gentle brushing on the gums as the teeth begin to emerge is an excellent approach to familiarize your child with the sensation and promote good oral care practices.

3. Catch It Early

Being vigilant about detecting the early signs of crooked teeth can enable you and your dentist to intervene and correct your child’s dental alignment during their growth. In fact, before the age of 10, braces may not even be necessary. Typically, braces are considered the optimal option after the age of 12, according to our experts. Watch out for early indicators such as speech or swallowing difficulties, as well as abnormal facial appearance. By monitoring these signs, your dentist or orthodontist can proactively intervene as the adult teeth emerge through the gums, potentially avoiding the need for more extensive treatment in the future.

In certain cases, the likelihood of developing crooked teeth can be attributed to genetic factors. If you had crooked teeth or an uneven bite as a child, there is a possibility that your children may also experience similar dental issues, regardless of your diligent efforts to instill healthy dental habits in them. Still, it remains crucial to emphasize and prioritize these healthy habits, as they can undoubtedly aid in preventing certain dental problems associated with misaligned teeth and promote the growth of straight teeth.

There are many ways to deal with crooked teeth, such as sealants, which, when used on permanent molars, can reduce the risk of cavities by up to 80%, according to Mouth Healthy. If you’re looking for more information on how to keep your child’s teeth straight or what procedures we offer, contact us today!

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