Talking With Your Child About Braces

Talking With Your Child About Braces

Posted on November 1, 2018

Talking With Your Child About Braces

Orthodontists estimate that at least 45% of youths will need braces at some point in their lives. With such a large probability that your child will need braces, you may wonder what you need to communicate to your child after they get theirs. Youths often suffer from feelings of self-consciousness about their image. Getting braces may heighten this. This may discourage your child from caring for their braces during their treatment. As a parent, you can take a primary role in talking with your child about braces and encouraging your child to care for their teeth. We will address some important points for your child to help them feel healthy and confident.

Remind Them Why They Have Braces

Sometimes, looking at the negative aspects of your circumstances can blind you to the positives that you’re working towards. This often happens with exercise; starting out is tiresome, but the results are worth it. So it is with braces. Braces will give you a lifetime’s worth of beautiful smiles. But, that can be hard to remember seeing metal brackets in your mouth every day. Some children may even be bullied. Because of this, it is highly important that you take time regularly to reassure your child and remind them of the outcome.

Help Them Eat Properly

With braces, there are several food-related risks that could potentially ruin brackets and wires. It is your role as a parent to educate your children on what types of food they should stay away from and explain why. First, hard foods, such as nuts, candies (such as Jolly Ranchers) and some types of crackers. Carrots and apples may also be risky unless cut into bite-sized pieces. Second, sticky foods like soft candies (caramel, starburst), dried fruits and gum should also be avoided.

Encourage Hygiene

Keeping up on dental hygiene is always important. But, when braces are involved, brushing, flossing and otherwise cleaning your teeth and braces becomes all the more important. If food debris gets stuck inside of your child’s braces, this can result in a permanent “bleaching” effect, or even cause tooth decay.

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