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3 Long-Term Benefits of Wearing a Retainer

Posted on June 12, 2023

straight teeth

Picture this: You start a journey to a new beautiful smile by getting invisible aligners or enduring the wires and braces. After months of dedication and numerous dental visits, you’ve finally achieved your dream! A brilliant smile with straight teeth. But contrary to popular belief, your journey is still ongoing. This is where the magic of dental accessories, like the retainer, comes in. It ensures your grin stays a star, thanks to its hidden capabilities. So read on to discover the fascinating long-term advantages of using a retainer.

1. It Prevents Teeth From Shifting

After orthodontic treatment, your teeth get used to the pressure of braces or aligners, which have forced them to shift into a better position. After treatment the pressure is gone, and your teeth can return to their original position. If this happens, the months or years you spent trying to get straight teeth will be for nothing. The good news is that wearing a retainer daily keeps the smile you’ve worked so hard to get. According to Web MD, you must wear your retainer for 12-23 hours daily to maintain those results.

2. It Improves Oral Hygiene

Brushing, flossing, and cleaning when your teeth are in the right place is more manageable. Straight teeth have no overbite or underbite, making them easier to chew with. When you chew your food properly, your body easily absorbs the nutrients, making you healthier. Also, the mouth produces more saliva, which contains essential digestive enzymes that the body needs to stop plaque from building up and cavities from forming.

3. It Gives Protection Against Tongue Thrust

Have you ever noticed someone thrusting their tongue forward when they talk or swallow? Or perhaps you’ve even caught yourself doing it without realizing it. Tongue thrust is a common habit where the tongue is pushed forward during various activities, including at rest. Your tongue may push against your straight teeth, causing them to move forward and undoing the progress made by orthodontic treatment. Beware of tongue thrust’s potential effects and wear a retainer to protect your smile.

While wearing a retainer may seem insignificant on your orthodontics journey, its benefits are massive. When done by our seasoned orthodontics, your retainer does its magic to keep your radiant smile intact for years. Call Jacaranda Smiles today to book an appointment or set up a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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