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Yes!!! "Jacaranda Smiles" Makes Orthodontics Affordable And Accepts Insurance

Posted on June 1, 2019

Your dentist has told you that it’s time to consider orthodontic care for your child. Plus, you’ve been wondering about orthodontics for yourself every time you see the Invisalign ads. However, a few questions keep you from making the call to schedule an orthodontic appointment.

“How much do Braces or Invisalign cost and do you accept our insurance?”

At Jacaranda Smiles we can easily help you navigate the world of affordable orthodontic care, orthodontic insurance coverage and benefits.

When you visit our office for your free new patient consultation, we go over price as well as the options for financing, payment plans, insurance coverage and other questions you may have about orthodontic care.

With that being said, if you’ve done any research you probably have found that orthodontic care is an investment and maybe even noticed a range between the high and low scale of cost. Why? The easiest answer is, it isn’t always “apples to apples.” It is nearly impossible to give a blanket statement that says, “Braces cost xyz” because each patient has an individual treatment plan and dental insurances vary.

Some dental plans include orthodontic coverage and others do not. This is why it’s important to make sure it’s part of the package when you’re shopping for a comprehensive dental plan. If your insurance does cover some of the bill, this can really reduce your out-of-pocket costs. At our office, differing insurance coverage is one of the factors that causes variations in how much each patient pays. Typically there is a percentage of coverage and lifetime maximum for orthodontic care separate from normal dental benefits. There also could be an age limit and some plans may not include adults.

But don’t fret! Even for those patients that do not have insurance, there are many affordable options that our treatment coordinator would be happy to assist you with during your new patient consultation.

Our Doctors and team will help you create the smile you’ve dreamed about and at the same time, make it affordable for your budget. We look forward to meeting you at your FREE orthodontic consultation.

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