Close up portrait of a little smiling girl at dentist's office.

Why is Seven the Right Age for The Orthodontist?

Posted on March 19, 2021

Close up portrait of a little smiling girl at dentist's office.

There is no real age limit to when you should see an orthodontist, but there is a “best” age to get started. The best age to get started with orthodontic care is seven. It may come as a surprise to many people that associate braces with teens, but according to the experts, seven is the best age to seek help from the orthodontist.

Starting early can get the best results. The best orthodontist for kids can help your child to have the straight teeth they need to enjoy good oral health and to feel confident in their smile.

Why is Seven The Perfect Age?

At seven, many of the secondary teeth are in place or coming into place. The jaw is still growing and changing. Typically braces are not applied until a child is 10 but getting the child to the orthodontist earlier can help with planning, and addressing any problems that need to be addressed between the first appointment and when the braces are scheduled.

Earlier orthodontic interventions can reduce the amount of time that a child has to wear braces. Underbites or overcrowded teeth can be easier to address when the child is younger. Of course, there is no time limit on when orthodontic treatment can be a solution but most experts agree the younger the patient the better the results.

How Can You Prepare Your Child For a Visit to the Orthodontist

Before your visit to the orthodontist in Plantation you can prepare your child for the visit, and talk about what braces are, and what they are used for. Making your child feel less apprehensive about the visit starts with helping them to understand how braces will help their teeth and give them a beautiful straight smile.

Encourage your child to ask any questions that they may have about the process. Watch videos together about other children getting braces. Share any history of braces that you or your partner may have experienced. Making braces seem less scary to your child is easy when you point out other people that you know that have worn braces. Look for images of famous people that your child can relate to that have worn braces. Images of athletes, actors, and other celebrities that have worn braces as children are easy to find online.

Of course, talk to the orthodontist about any concerns you have so that you can be reassured and reassure your child. Seven may seem like a young age to visit with an orthodontist but getting an early start on your orthodontic treatment will help your child to have a smile they can feel proud of. Make your appointment today.

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