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Where can I Find a Biological Dentist?

Posted on September 4, 2018

Our team at Jacaranda Smiles truly understands what it means to fully protect families from harm while keeping their mouths and bodies healthy. We take into consideration all the health factors prior to recommending a specific procedure to our patients. Many clinics throughout the country don’t understand the risks of using amalgam fillings and the effects it can have on an individual’s body. Continue reading to learn more about our clinic and the methods we are passionate about.

What is a biological dentist?

Biological dentists are also commonly referred to as holistic dentists. A biological dentist will take into consideration the influence an oral treatment will have on the patient’s entire body and health. We work hard to treat your whole body, starting with your oral health.

How can biological dentistry help chronic disorders and diseases?

Certain oral treatments can lead to severe issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, neurological disorders, and cognitive disorders. The mercury found in certain fillings can expose an individual to more levels of mercury than seafood.

How to find a biological dentist

An individual looking to replace their old silver fillings may need to look for a biological dentist in their local area. Our team is a mercury-free practice that provides restored fillings and other procedures. We provide a wide range of other dental services that help to improve the overall health of our patients.

Biological dentistry with Jacaranda Smiles

Our dental team is eager to provide optimal oral health care to each one of our patients. This is achieved by taking care of the body as a whole. Contact our clinic for more information on holistic dentistry or to set up your next appointment with a member of our staff.

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