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When Should Your Child See the Orthodontist?

Posted on November 23, 2020

When should you make an appointment with a children’s orthodontist? A lot of parents ask this question. According to the experts, the sooner the better. Making an appointment to see a children’s orthodontist as soon as there are questions or concerns about the alignment of your child’s teeth is the best way to correct the problem.

Experts agree that early interventions are the best way to correct overbites, misalignments, and crooked teeth. A children’s orthodontist is the specialist that can provide the right level of care.

At What Age Should You Make the First Appointment?

Many parents are surprised to find that the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that seven years of age is the right time to make an appointment to see an orthodontist. As soon as a malocclusion is detected by a children’s dentist, an appointment should be made to see an orthodontic specialist.

There are is clear reasoning behind taking your child as soon as possible to see an orthodontist and discuss braces. When a child is young, their teeth and jaw are still growing, making it easier to make corrections. These early interventions can often mean greater success with orthodontic corrections. Also, children are more resilient and less likely to feel the stigma that teenagers can feel when wearing braces. If your child gets braces while they’re still young, they won’t have to have them during their middle or high school years.

The sooner you can address the problems, the easier it is to correct the problems. Braces for straight teeth or to correct overcrowding when the child is young can help to ward off more complicated problems down the line.

Some Tips for Choosing the Right Orthodontist

Children can be very apprehensive about seeing an orthodontist. An orthodontist that specializes in children’s orthodontics can help to ease a child’s fears. Choosing an orthodontist that is experienced in dealing with children can be one of the best ways to make your child more comfortable.

The right office will have a staff that is accustomed to working with children and they’ll take the steps to ensure that the environment is child friendly. Consider the following when you are making an appointment for your child:

  • Does the orthodontist come highly recommended by other parents?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the orthodontist?
  • Is the office environment child-friendly?

Getting your child to the orthodontist as early as possible is vital to their oral health. Finding the right orthodontist to treat your child is vital to their overall experience. Get the support that you need for your child’s oral health care from an orthodontist that specializes in caring for kid’s teeth. Contact Jacaranda Smiles Kid’s Dental & Orthodontics today.

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