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What to Expect as Your Child Loses Their Baby Teeth

Posted on October 18, 2023

dentist for kids

Seeing your child’s first tooth come in is quite an exciting milestone. According to the AAO, you should take them to their first dental visit when this happens, but you shouldn’t wait any later than their first birthday. Fast forward a few years and the rest of the baby teeth will have appeared and eventually start falling out to be replaced by their adult teeth. So, what should you expect from this?

It Should Be Relatively Painless

You might have a distant memory of what it was like when you lost your teeth as a child. It was painless, wasn’t it? You’d have it wiggle for a bit and then it would fall out. If there is pain, something might be going on underneath, so bring your child to a dentist for kids if they seem particularly uncomfortable when their teeth become loose.

Let the Process Play Out

Yes, your child will like the wiggly feeling that their loose tooth gives, but eventually, they might want to be rid of it. Don’t let them pull hard on the tooth. That could make it bleed and then open them up to possible infection. Instead, let the whole thing occur naturally.

Some Bleeding Is Expected

Even losing the tooth naturally might cause your child to bleed a bit. If you put some gauze or even a paper towel on it, however, it should stop quickly. Then it’s time to wait for the adult tooth to come in and take its place. If excessive bleeding occurs, this may be a sign that something is not quite right.

Children have been getting and losing their baby teeth for centuries. It’s a natural process and it should go smoothly. There may be some exceptions, so if you notice anything unusual going on with your child’s mouth, then you should take them to a dentist for kids. The dentist will examine them and get them back on the right path.

The best thing to do throughout all of this is to teach your children good brushing habits. Make sure that they have healthy gums and teeth, which should set them up nicely for when the adult teeth come in. Then they will continue to work on having the best smile possible as they grow into their teen years and beyond. Are you looking for a dentist for kids in Plantation or are you looking for a dentist for kids in Pembroke Pines? We can help! Contact Jacaranda Smiles today for more information!

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