What If My Child Is Scared to Get Braces?

Posted on February 6, 2024


You want your child to have straight, beautiful teeth. But when you mention braces, your child gets a look of dread in their eyes. Getting braces can be scary, especially for kids. As a parent, you can help ease their worries, so they feel confident about this important step towards an amazing smile.

Understand Where the Fear Comes From

It’s common for kids to feel anxious about getting braces. The idea of a mouth full of metal sounds uncomfortable and strange. Your child may worry about how braces could impact school and social lives. Friends might tease them or getting braces could make them feel embarrassed. These are all valid concerns. The unknown is scary, and your child has likely built up braces to be a big, intimidating deal. As their parent, listen and empathize with their fears. This will help you address specific worries, so braces don’t seem so scary.

Educate Them on What to Expect

A lot of anxiety comes from kids not knowing what to expect. They imagine the worst-case scenarios from rumors or movies. Combat myths with facts and walk your child through the braces process. Explain how the orthodontist will take molds and measurements for custom braces. Show them pictures so they know what braces could look like. Talk about how the wires and brackets help shift teeth into alignment. Go over proper oral hygiene and adjusting to braces.

Empower Them to Take Ownership

Kids often feel powerless about getting braces because it’s the parents’ decision. But you can give them some control over the process, which boosts confidence. Let them choose braces colors or decorative bands that show off their personality. Take them shopping for orthodontist-approved foods and appliances to make braces life easier. Ask for their input on appointment times. Even small choices can help them embrace braces and dissipate anxiety.

If your child needs braces, they definitely aren’t alone. According to HowStuffWorks, orthodontists estimate that just under 50% of children need braces. With your guidance, understanding, and reassurance, your child can overcome anxiety and feel equipped to take on braces. This will lead to straightened teeth and a smile that makes them beam with pride. If you suspect your child needs braces, call Jacaranda Smiles today to schedule a consultation.

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