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The Importance of Regular Dental Check-Ups for Children

Posted on December 16, 2018

Even if your child still has their baby teeth or has started growing their permanent teeth, keeping your child’s teeth healthy in every stage during their development is the most important reason to keep their overall health in excellent condition.

At Jacaranda Smiles, we believe that it is not ever too early for your child to start brushing up on their oral care. There are so many great benefits of you taking your child to regular dental check-ups that will last them into their adulthood. The following is our list of three reasons to start taking your child for regular dental visits.

Teaches Good Oral Health from an Early Age

It will never be too early for your child to start learning the importance of proper oral hygiene. Parents should work closely with the family dentist so there will be good oral health care instilled in their children, by visits to their dentist once a year to achieve this goal. Starting with regular check-ups at a young age will offer an opportunity for your child to be learning from a professional about how to properly take care of their teeth and gums like flossing and brushing and how to keep their mouth clean.

By making regular check-ups, kids are more likely to grow up with a positive attitude about going to their dental visits. Their experiences as a child will determine their view of going to the dentist for their entire life. It makes it more important that they grow accustomed by going to regular check-ups as early as possible. The dental surgery area may not be so inviting to your child, but with frequent trips they will get used to this process as well and feel more at ease.

A dentist that is good with children can do his routine procedures like a regular cleaning while he is giving the child a favorable view of his dental visit. Our child-friendly dentists use a gentle and caring approach with your child to make them as comfortable as they can be while they are explaining what they are doing to your child and why they need to do it.

Allows Oral Health Problems to be Caught Quickly

Dentists address problems as soon as they notice they have surfaced and it stops oral diseases from getting any worse and it saves time, money, and treatment later on. These problems for your child’s teeth can be brought on by dental hygiene, diet, and even their jaw. All this can be found early during routine check-ups.

By ensuring your child’s clean mouth will require removing the build-up of tartar and plaque and eliminating any surface stains that will keep bacteria from sticking to the teeth. There are many children out there who have not mastered the fine motor skills needed to floss and brush effectively, so those regular trips to your dentist for those professional cleanings are essential for getting rid of the debris and buildup that might have been missed.

The very same bacteria contained in the tartar and plaque is the bacteria that causes those cavities and tooth decay. Tooth decay is the most common finding in children’s oral diseases, and they will be more likely to have cavities early on. An essential part of your child’s regular check-ups will be to look for tooth decay and cavities and repair them before they get worse.

It is easier to find problems like those cavities in their early stages where they can be managed or even stopped faster; whereas if you neglect cavities it allows them to get bigger and damage the entire tooth structure further, where it can lead to infections and more advanced dental procedures like fillings and pulling of the tooth during adolescence.

Ensures Healthy Development of the Teeth and Mouth

Visiting your dentist with your child every twelve months will help improve and maintain the health of your child’s teeth. Baby teeth are nothing but the starting grounds for your child’s adult teeth – so if baby teeth are healthy, it will be easier for their adult teeth to be straighter and healthier.

If your child’s baby teeth are neglected and not properly cared for they could fall out too soon, causing all the rest of the teeth to move forward. It could cause the permanent teeth to come in crooked and all out of place. Keeping your child’s teeth healthy during the early stages will help prevent orthodontic work at a future date.

By having your child get regular check-ups, you will stay informed about your child’s dental health. The visits will allow you to know about your child’s signs such as missing and crooked teeth, crowded teeth, and other issues that might give you a hint of future orthodontic work, which can help you a lot if it is provided early enough.

We are here to keep your child’s teeth healthy and keep that perfect smile throughout the school year. Book your orthodontic appointment today with Jacaranda Smiles for that perfect dental plan.

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