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The Importance of Dental Sealants for Children

Posted on October 5, 2021

Happy Smile With White Teeth

Your children’s dentist has likely recommended dental sealants for your children. Dental sealants provide a protective shield on both primary and secondary teeth to help reduce the risk of cavities. As a matter of fact, children’s dentists’ offices are not the only ones that recommend dental sealants. Dental sealants for adults can cut cavity risk by about 80%. Adults can benefit greatly from dental sealants.

What Are Sealants?

As the name implies, and your children’s dentist may have already explained, sealants are a protective shield over the tooth to keep bacteria from getting in. Sealants are a safe resin coat that is not noticeable.

How Are Sealants Applied?

Tooth sealants are applied to the top surface of teeth. The sealant is painted on with a small application brush by your children’s dentist or hygienist. The process is painless.

Why Are Sealants So Important for Kids?

Children and teenagers are far more prone to cavities than adults. Children and teenagers typically place less importance on their oral health than adults do and avoid brushing and flossing as much as they should.

Additionally, children’s diets play a role. Children and teenagers are far more likely to indulge in eating sweets like candy and cakes than weight-conscious adults are. They are also more likely to not drink enough water to wash away the sugary residue left behind. Diligent parents will constantly remind children to brush and floss and eat well, but kids will be kids and will often skip out on oral hygiene. Sealants help to protect the teeth from bad habits.

Prevention Is the Best Medicine

Cavities are contagious. More accurately, the bacteria that cause cavities can spread from one tooth to the next. An unprotected tooth allows easy access to bacteria and ultimately the formation of a cavity. Sealants are a great preventive for cavities and the spread of cavities. Cavities can become very painful and turn into something much worse when not repaired quickly. Everybody should enjoy good oral health free of pain, and sealants can help make that happen.

Sealants protect the teeth, which means less dental work will be needed, which, of course, means cost savings on dental health. It is a simple step to take that can curtail a lot of suffering and cost. Ask your children’s dentist about sealants today.

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