Straight Teeth Can Help Promote Confidence in Your Child And Here's Why

Straight Teeth Can Help Promote Confidence in Your Child And Here’s Why

Posted on February 3, 2022

Straight Teeth Can Help Promote Confidence in Your Child And Here's Why

A kids orthodontist can partner with you to ensure that your child is confident in their smile. About 50%-75% of people could see benefits from orthodontic treatments. Many of them are adults that did not get to a kids orthodontist as a child. Straight teeth can help promote confidence in your child and here’s why.

Perception is Everything

When teeth need orthodontic care, it is not only noticeable to the orthodontist, but also to the world. We put a lot of value in a person’s smile. When a child feels good about their smile, they smile more often. People that smile more often are perceived as kinder, more approachable, and friendlier, according to a recent survey.

Your child’s orthodontist can help to improve your child’s smile so that they can feel more confident about smiling and do it more often. Every child should feel good about their smile. Repairing teeth early on can set your child up for a lifetime of good oral health and a brilliant straight smile.

Oral Health

Taking your child to the orthodontist for treatment can boost your child’s confidence simply by getting them the care that they need. Children that feel well-cared for are more confident children according to a recent study by the Mayo Clinic.

When a child feels well cared for it provides the support that they need to overcome obstacles with confidence both now and in the future. The simple act of taking your kid to the orthodontist for treatment builds confidence.

The Confidence in Adulthood

Confident kids become successful and confident adults. A recent survey revealed how powerful feeling good about your smile can be. About 78% of people surveyed reported that they perceived someone with crooked teeth to be less successful. Of the 69% of adults surveyed reported that they were unhappy with their smile, 23% felt that if they could have straight teeth, they would find happiness. Additionally, 41% of people surveyed about their smile, reported they believed their love life would improve if their smile was better.

A straight smile is a powerful thing not just in childhood but in adulthood. Get your child the orthodontic care they deserve to prepare them for a life full of confidence and smiles.

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