orthodontic treatment

Retainers 101: Ensuring Your Orthodontic Treatment Results Last

Posted on December 19, 2023

orthodontic treatment

Some form of orthodontic treatment is typically prescribed to someone with misaligned teeth. During your visit to the pediatric dentist, you may learn that your child specifically needs retainers. Since you’re set to invest in new retainers for your child, you understandably want to make them last as long as possible. How can you and your child maximize the effectiveness and longevity of their new retainers? Following the care and usage tips in this article will help.

How Should Your Child Use Retainers?

Retainers cannot deliver the results wearers expect from them if they are used incorrectly. Because teeth tend to move around, the changes to your teeth alignment may disappear if you fail to wear your retainers consistently. Consistency is indeed the keyword when it comes to retainer usage. Your child may only be allowed to remove their retainers when eating or cleaning them.

Choosing the right type of retainer can encourage proper usage. Give your child removable retainers, and they may forget to wear them. You can eliminate that problem by asking the orthodontist for permanent retainers. It’s also important to remind your child about the rules the orthodontist sets for retainer use and maintenance. Ensure your child follows those rules, or else the retainers may break or wear down quickly. If your child forgets to wear their orthodontic treatment for an extended period, you can take them back to the pediatric dentist or orthodontist for a check-in.

How Do You Care for Retainers?

Caring for retainers does not require performing complex maintenance tasks. Maintenance requirements do differ for removable and permanent retainers, but they are still quite simple. Your child should have no trouble following the orthodontist’s instructions. With permanent retainers, maintenance boils down to practicing proper dental hygiene. As long as your child follows the recommended brushing and flossing techniques, their retainers should hold up well. Some permanent retainers can even last for 20 years.

Maintenance for removable retainers involves regular washing. According to WebMD, removable retainers should be cleaned once per day. Putting the retainer under running water should suffice for cleaning. If your child is going to take off their retainers, they should place them in the provided case so they can stay safe and clean.

Orthodontic treatment can make a huge difference in your child’s life. Retainers, in particular, can produce lasting effects that boost your child’s confidence. Give your child the best dental treatment options available. Partner with Jacaranda Smiles today, and we’ll take care of your child’s dental health!

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