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Preparing For Your Child’s First Orthodontist Visit

Posted on May 29, 2020

As you may already know, a healthy and beautiful smile is essential to your child’s success and happiness. That’s why it pays to make orthodontic treatment a priority. While aesthetics are the most common reason for getting braces, issues like overbite can also contribute to discomfort and even poor oral care later in life. Therefore, it’s best not to put off visits to the orthodontist.
But when is the best time to seek out an orthodontist for kids? And what should you do to properly prepare your child for that first visit? We’re answering those two questions in today’s post.

When Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

There isn’t necessarily a specific age that experts recommend for the start of orthodontic treatment. However, most orthodontists agree that children should have their first appointment scheduled by the time they turn seven. While actual treatment, if any, may not start until later, your orthodontist will be in a better position to monitor your child’s alignment and make recommendations if you schedule appointments early. Your dentist can be a good resource here — or if your child’s dentist is also an orthodontist, that transition will be even easier to make.

What Should I Do to Prepare Them For Their First Visit?

Once you know whether it might be time to schedule an orthodontic appointment, you can start your prep work.
First, it’s important to research orthodontists in your area, obtain recommendations from people you trust, and find out about insurance coverage and other costs. You may also need to obtain a referral from your family dentist, in certain cases, though many orthodontists will accept appointments without referrals.
Many children (and parents, too!) get nervous when it comes time to visit dentists or orthodontists. Once you’ve figured out the logistics, talk to your child about what they can expect at their appointment. You can inquire with your orthodontist’s staff about what might happen throughout the course of the first appointment, but there will likely be a brief examination, some X-rays will be taken, and you’ll probably discuss any necessary treatment options. You might also explain why this appointment is necessary for your child’s health and that you’ll either be there in the waiting room or can come with them to meet their orthodontist. Once you reassure them that there’s nothing to fear and they get to know their orthodontist, your child will feel much more comfortable.
If your child has yet to see an orthodontist or your dentist has recommended orthodontic treatment, we’re here to help. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact our offices today.

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