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How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Last?

Posted on November 10, 2023

orthodontic services

With tooth alignment or bite issues, it may be time to seek orthodontic services. According to HowStuffWorks, orthodontists estimate that roughly 45% of children need braces. In addition to this, many adults find themselves needing braces as well. However, you may wonder just how long orthodontic treatment for kids will last. Read on to find out more.

Traditional Braces

Metal braces are often needed for severe alignment or bite issues. The amount of time you or your child would need braces depends on how severe the misalignment is. Overall, kids braces treatment can last for about two years. The positive impact, however, can last a lifetime.


An alternative to traditional metal braces is clear aligners. Invisalign comes in handy for less severe alignment issues. It’s also ideal if you’re subconscious about wearing obvious braces, especially in a particular work environment. Some patients have begun to see results in as little as three months. According to Invisalign, the average amount of treatment is about a year or less.


You may feel relieved once your braces come off and your teeth are straight. However, the job isn’t over yet, as your teeth can always shift back into their original crooked position if you don’t have something to hold them in place. When braces come off, your local orthodontic services will give you a retainer to use. You’re supposed to wear it at night and perhaps for a few hours in the day. Expect to use your retainer for at least a few months or as long as a year. The amount of time you’ll need your retainer depends on your specific situation.


Your local orthodontist may prescribe a custom nightguard to wear if you’re suffering from teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism. You may need this device for six months to three years, according to Pro Teeth Guard, when dealing with bruxism. However, if your grinding continues after three years, you should continue to wear it at night. When you visit your local orthodontic services, they can tell whether your teeth grinding has shown improvement and if you need to continue the use of a nightguard.

Now you better understand how long various orthodontic treatments can take. Depending on the severity of your situation, your orthodontic care can last from as little as a few months to a couple of years. For reliable orthodontic services, you can contact our clinic for consultation!

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