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Factors to Consider When Selecting an Orthodontist for Kids

Posted on April 1, 2020

More than 40% of U.S. children usually have dental cavities by the time they reach kindergarten-age. That is why parents need to find a good orthodontist for kids to prioritize early dental treatment.
Orthodontists recommend seeking orthodontic treatment for your child at around age seven. That’s because it’s around this time that children may develop crooked teeth, underbites, or overbites. A kids orthodontist can monitor these situations and assess whether action needs to be taken. If these dental flaws are not fixed at an early age, it may be tougher to have them corrected as your child ages.
Orthodontists for kids have a better chance of utilizing various types of dental treatments during these early development stages. For instance, if your child has a misaligned bite, an orthodontist may fit your child for braces that can fix the crooked teeth. Eventually, your child will have straight teeth after wearing braces for some time.
Having ascertained the indispensable need for early dental treatment for your kid, your other concern should be how and where to find the best orthodontist. You want to make sure that you find a children’s orthodontist who is experienced and is trusted by parents.
The common confusion among parents seeking orthodontic treatment is how to differentiate between a kids’ dentist and an orthodontist for kids. The main difference is that orthodontists are dentists who undergo further dental training after dental school and graduate from an orthodontic residency program. As such, orthodontists have ample training and experience in the diagnosis of orthodontic problems and orthodontic treatments. Additionally, orthodontists are members of the American Association of Orthodontists, while dentists are not. Often, parents will make appointments with an orthodontist for kids, who can provide both regular dental check-ups and orthodontic treatment.
When selecting the best orthodontist for kids, you should also consider the following factors.

1. Patient Reviews

When an orthodontist in Plantation, Florida has excellent orthodontic services, patients will not hesitate to recommend the practice to other people. In any other business, customer reviews speak to the quality of services offered. The same applies to dental practices. When a parent is satisfied with the quality of orthodontic treatment, it will be easier for the parent to recommend the orthodontist to another parent seeking the same services.

2. Location

You want to select an orthodontist who is easily accessible within your city or town. Some orthodontic treatments will require that your child see the orthodontist a couple of times in a month. As such, you want to have a short commute to the orthodontist’s office to save time. Additionally, in case of emergencies, you’ll know you can go to your orthodontist as needed without inconvenience.

3. Costs

The cost of some orthodontic treatments like braces may vary from one orthodontist to another. You should ensure that the charges are within your budget, but that’s not the only consideration to keep in mind. It’s important not to skimp on orthodontic treatment, as your child’s dental health should be a top priority. Many dentists and orthodontists may accept payment plans, while your dental insurance may cover certain services. Of course, treatment should be feasible for your family’s financial situation — but the cost isn’t the only big factor to keep in mind.
After weighing all these factors, you will be more confident with your choice of orthodontists for kids. Your kid’s dental health should be a top priority for you. The best way to ensure they maintain optimal health is by visiting the best orthodontist for kids near you.

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