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Common Signs of Gum Disease

Posted on March 29, 2022

Pediatric Dentist for Kids

Gum disease is nothing to smile about. For one thing, it can cause discomfort and a change in your smile’s appearance. For another, it can gradually lead to serious periodontal disease, which may result in lost teeth. It’s easy for gum disease to occur without regular cleaning, which is why a typical dentist for kids advises that prevention begins early. Often, gum disease begins due to poor dental care, in particular a lack of flossing. It’s not difficult to prevent. Nonetheless, according to the Centers for Disease Control about half of all people over the age of 30 suffer from some form of gum disease. You can treat gum disease effectively if you start early. The trouble is, you might not recognize the common signs of gum disease. While as a parent you can ask your dentist to check for these signs during appointments, you also need to check yourself. Let’s look into some of the most common signs of gum disease.

Signs of Gum Disease

1. Lingering Bad Breath

We all get bad breath from time to time. However, gum disease causes something much worse than standard bad breath. If your breath noticeably smells bad and cannot be resolved through teeth brushing or mouthwash usage, you may have gum disease. If you’re a parent and notice this with your child, see a dentist for kids immediately.

2. Red, Swollen Gums

If you look at the gums of your children and notice that they are red or swollen, they could just be temporarily irritating by rough brushing or harsh flossing. However, if this persists you may have gum disease.

3. Tender, Bleeding Gums

Every now and then, you may notice blood when you rinse your mouth out after brushing. However, when your gums are tender or consistently bleeding, you may be suffering from gum disease. Typically, only with advanced gum disease will the gums be actively painful, but tenderness and bleeding start early.

4. Receding Gums

Gum recession may not be incredibly noticeable on its own. But you will likely notice if your teeth begin to look longer. Report this to your dentist, and they can investigate the source of the gum recession.

Gum disease can be scary, but it’s also very treatable. It’s important to schedule dental checkups for your children at least twice a year. This will prevent any gum disease or inflammation from growing into a larger problem. If you are noticing symptoms in your children or simply need a dedicated pediatric dentist, Jacaranda Smiles can help! Visit our website or contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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