Little girl is having her teeth checked by dentist.

Children’s Oral Health: Pediatric Dentists & Orthodontists

Posted on August 9, 2021

Little girl is having her teeth checked by dentist.

Nearly 25% to 50% of children need orthodontics. Who better to refer them than a kids dentist? A kids dentist, or pediatric dentist, is more than likely the first oral healthcare professional to examine your child’s teeth and gums.

By the age of 7 or 8, it has already been advised to have a panoramic image of your child’s mouth taken. This image will reflect the development and eruption paths of their permanent teeth. It’s a vital tool used to consider treatment options and whether or not a child has a delayed or advanced exfoliation process. At this point, a kids dentist may refer your child to the best orthodontist.

The panoramic image is used by both a kids dentist and a kids orthodontist so they may collaborate as well as devise a treatment plan to maximize your child’s oral development and growth potentials. It may seem that 7 years of age is rather young to start looking into orthodontics. However, it is important to understand that a referral to an orthodontist does not mean your child is going to receive braces immediately.

What a Kids Dentist Referral to an Orthodontist Means for Your Child

A referral to an ortho specialist is more to ensure nothing is missed during a child’s critical growth period. A collaboration between oral healthcare colleagues simply aids in the best skeletal tooth and arch orientations. This is especially important for kids in the 7 to 10 age group since they tend to go through significant oral changes with teeth in transition.

The Definition of the Early Transitional Stage

You may have noticed your child has very loose baby teeth that have varying eruption levels for the permanent teeth replacing them. Perhaps you’ve noticed serrated edges of newly erupted teeth that are pronounced and less white, or non-scalloped gum lines that are bulbous and rounded. All of those aspects can seem rather worrisome to parents. What dental problems will your child face with these issues?

Not to worry. Your child has just entered the early transitional dentition stage. There may be other issues that are noticed including gaps between the top and bottom arches.

Does one jaw seem to be shorter than the other? A cross-bite may be more evident. These skeletal variations and visible growths are just a reminder that your child is normal and they are quite ready for an orthodontic evaluation to address those variances.

Discuss Options With an Orthodontist

Being persistent about your child’s oral health proves that orthodontics isn’t just for tweens and teens. Just because your child was referred to an orthodontist does not mean they will start any teeth-straightening treatments yet. It takes a series of regular check-ins with an orthodontist to determine the best treatment and timing overall.

Regular appointments allow excellent orthodontists to find problems as they become evident in a child’s growing mouth. Early intervention with treatments helps to reduce the time required for orthodontics since your child is already started. Having an orthodontist monitor your child’s oral health and jaw growth is as crucial as regular visits to their pediatrician.

Flexible Appointment Times Offer Exceptional Care

An orthodontist’s office that offers flexible appointment times after school and over the weekend is exceptional. They truly care about your child’s oral health and self-esteem. Your child deserves an attractive smile no matter how old they are, and so do you for that matter.

Schedule an Appointment Today

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