3 Key Reasons Why Pediatric Dentist Appointments Are So Important

Posted on February 20, 2024

Scheduling pediatric dentist appointments early on and sticking to them is one of the best things you can do for your child’s health. You may wonder if they’re necessary at such a young age or figure you can put them off. However, there are some compelling reasons to make dental care a priority right away…. Read more »

How Might Your Child Playing Sports Affect Their Oral Health?

Posted on February 8, 2024

If your child plays sports, you may wonder how being an athlete could impact their oral health. Sports come with risks of dental injuries and conditions that you’ll want your dentist to monitor. As a parent, you play a key role in ensuring your child athlete has excellent oral hygiene and regular dental visits. Read… Read more »

When Should My Child See a Pediatric Dentist?

Posted on October 19, 2023

There’s some debate over when you should take your child to see a dentist for kids. Some parents claim a child should head to the dentist when they develop their first tooth, while others say a baby doesn’t need to see the dentist until they hit school age. Here’s everything you need to know about… Read more »

What to Expect as Your Child Loses Their Baby Teeth

Posted on October 18, 2023

Seeing your child’s first tooth come in is quite an exciting milestone. According to the AAO, you should take them to their first dental visit when this happens, but you shouldn’t wait any later than their first birthday. Fast forward a few years and the rest of the baby teeth will have appeared and eventually… Read more »

How to Spot Dental Issues in Children

Posted on October 10, 2023

Unfortunately, there are a good number of kids out there who have dental issues. One out of seven American teenagers has one or more untreated decayed teeth, according to Colgate. What should you be looking for so that you can bring them to a pediatric dentist? Here are some signs that you should keep your… Read more »

What are the Most Common Reasons for Cavities in Children?

Posted on July 13, 2023

Cavities aren’t fun to have for anyone, especially for little ones. Your local childrens dentist will likely tell you how common cavities are in kids of all ages. According to The Center for Pediatric Dentistry, over 40% of kids have them by the time they reach kindergarten. Why does tooth decay happen so young? Read… Read more »

How Are Cavities Formed in the First Place?

Posted on March 17, 2023

Over a quarter of U.S. adults aged 20-44 have untreated cavities, according to the CDC. With so many people potentially at risk, it’s important to understand how cavities form in the first place. Armed with the power of knowledge, help from children’s dentists, and healthy habits, you can do your best to fight against cavities… Read more »

What to Do If Your Child’s Grown-Up Tooth Falls Out

Posted on January 25, 2023

Children are frequently faced with dental issues that can disrupt their day. One of the most daunting dental issues they can face is losing an adult tooth. Knowing your child has lost one of their permanent teeth can be a scary situation. However, there are some simple steps that can make the entire situation manageable… Read more »

Common Children’s Dental Emergencies

Posted on January 5, 2023

Dental emergencies can be scary, especially if they happen to our children. According to AAPD, dental emergencies account for approximately 34 million lost school hours each year. That number indicates dental emergencies are common, especially if your child is frequently active. Luckily, pediatric dentists specialize in the care of your children’s teeth, and emergency care… Read more »

4 Ways That Pediatric Dentistry Helps More Than Just Children’s Teeth

Posted on January 3, 2023

A child’s oral health impacts their emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Poor oral health not only causes gum disease and tooth decay; it can also lead to terminal illnesses. To better understand why you should take your child to a pediatric dentist, here’s how pediatric dentistry helps more than just children’s teeth. 1. Helps With… Read more »

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