3 Facts About Braces For Kids

Posted on May 3, 2022


Some people believe that orthodontic treatments should start while you are a teenager, but the truth is that it would be simpler and easier for your child to get a proper smile if they start at an earlier age. According to the American Association for Orthodontics, it’s estimated that 3.9 million kids in America are orthodontic patients, so it’s important to know everything there is to know about this treatment.

Let’s find out some facts about braces for kids that will help you make a decision.

1. Treatments Should Start at Seven Years Old

Most people don’t know this, but the American Association of Orthodontists suggests that kids should start their treatments at the age of seven. Starting this early will benefit them greatly, especially if they have more complicated tooth or jaw problems. The reason why they should start at such an age is that their teeth have not finished appearing, which helps orthodontists guide their smile into the proper position.

The idea is to stop any possible issue from developing further and at an early stage. Additionally, braces for children are less expensive and less painful. It’s way more beneficial in the long run. Furthermore, you can prevent your children from facing bullying or other issues due to their smiles. Of course, there’s still a chance that a child will need some more treatment once all their teeth come in, but it’s simpler than if they started from scratch at a younger age.

2. Most Issues Are Inherited

Most orthodontic issues are inherited, so parents should know from early on if they need to take their kids for treatment. However, other problems can develop over time due to sucking thumbs, lack of oral hygiene, accidents, and more.

Each treatment will cater to your child’s particular needs, and an orthodontist will consider their lifestyle to plan for the best option. That’s why it’s vital to start the process at such an early stage and get braces for your kids.

3. Teeth Don’t Straighten on Their Own

Some parents believe that their children’s teeth will straighten over time as their adult teeth start emerging, but that’s not true at all. Something that starts badly will continue to develop poorly, until the problem becomes even bigger and more expensive. Braces are the best solution, although only an orthodontist can determine exactly what your child needs.

So don’t hesitate to take your kids to the orthodontist as soon as you can to stop any issues from developing. It could be the best decision you ever make. Contact our office today to schedule an orthodontic consultation!

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