A family of three smiling at the camera in front of a yellow patterned background.

Why Your Child Needs to See the Dentist Regularly

Posted on August 9, 2021

A family of three smiling at the camera in front of a yellow patterned background.

When you have a child, you only want what is best for them in every domain of their life. No matter whether you’re talking about education or eating the best foods, lots of parents want to provide their children with the best possible resources for success in life and health. This includes visiting the dentist and finding a kids dentist that works for you and your family.

Your child is almost never too young to visit the dentist, and the benefits of taking them early have been well established. From having some authority in their lives when it comes to understanding oral healthcare to finding out about other issues before they start to become a problem, you should feel lucky to have a quality pediatric dentist in your life. In case you needed some more reasons to make an appointment for your child, read about the benefits of seeing a kids dentist below.

Kids Need Teeth Cleaning

As a parent, you’re probably highly aware of what your child is always eating. Even if it’s the healthiest organic food available, no amount of brushing will get rid of plaque or tartar once it’s built up on their teeth. This can be especially important to get rid of because their teeth are still developing and sensitive, and nobody wants to deal with a cavity at such a young age. Instead, going to a pediatric dentist and getting a regular teeth cleaning is an excellent way to make sure your child’s teeth stay in tip-top shape for the foreseeable future.

They Might Have Other Issues You Want to Investigate

Did you know that all orthodontists are trained dentists, but only 5% of dentists are also orthodontists? This means that when you visit the pediatric dentist with your child, they may be able to notice issues in your child’s bite or jaw that could be fixed by orthodontists. Since this is not their specialty it’s worth getting a second opinion, but straight teeth and a better bite are certainly worth it. By taking your child to visit a pediatric dentist on a regular basis, you’ll have a complete and comprehensive picture of their oral health and will be aware of any issues that may come up before they become a big problem.

Your Child Needs an Authority on Oral Health

No matter how many times you tell them to brush their teeth, floss, or do any other positive behaviors for their oral health, sometimes your child just won’t listen. This is understandable, and if you aren’t leading by example or seen as a dental authority by them, then your local pediatric dentist can be a blessing in disguise. When your child visits the pediatric dentist, they will hopefully establish a rapport and friendship with the dentist that is vital during their early developing years. It’s simply a different animal when a dentist tells your child to brush their teeth rather than you nagging them again. Authority figures are necessary in a child’s life to help them establish good habits, and your kid’s dentist can be a valuable tool in your parental arsenal.

Eliminate the Fear of the Dentist

Far too often in life, adults are afraid to go to the dentist because of bad experiences they had as a child that are still with them. Instead of making the logical decision to take care of their teeth, they let fears and worries from long ago overtake them and suffer the consequences. By taking your child to the pediatric dentist regularly and making sure that they have good experiences, you can help prevent them from having a fear of the dentist and ensure that they develop into healthy adults.

Make Your Appointment Now!

By taking your child’s oral care into your own hands now, you’ll be giving them tools for a brighter future. Not only do your child’s teeth need to be cleaned to make sure they’re in great working order, but you can help establish good oral health habits and eliminate the fear of the dentist with regular appointments. Find out the status of your child’s teeth and oral health today by making an appointment with Jacaranda Smiles today! There’s nothing like a wonderfully bright smile.

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