Two girls hugging and smiling at the camera in front of a solid orange background.

Why a Pediatric Dentist Is Essential for Your Child’s Health

Posted on July 8, 2021

Two girls hugging and smiling at the camera in front of a solid orange background.

Perhaps there is nothing sweeter than a child’s smile on a summer day. But children, just like adults, can develop cavities and lose their precious teeth if they’re not taken care of with proper care. Once you know how a quality pediatric dentist can help your child have the wonderful smile they deserve, we think you’ll agree that they’re worth searching high and low for.

A Good Foundation

When your child visits a pediatric dentist on a regular basis, you’re giving them a good foundation for the rest of their life when it comes to oral health. Pediatric dentists are authority figures in a child’s life that they can absolutely trust when it comes to taking care of their teeth, and by reinforcing this habit over and over again you will virtually guarantee that your child will have a higher quality of life than those children who were never brought to kids dentists. Instead of worrying about your child’s oral health, take proactive measures and give them a good foundation now while they can benefit from it.

You Can Always Afford It

One of the great things about dental care, as opposed to medical care, is that it is almost always affordably priced and within reasonable limits. You may even have a dental insurance policy from your workplace that covers certain visits for your child that you haven’t been able to use yet. But even though dental care is affordable, it’s hardly cheap. Having a quality pediatric dentist take care of your child’s oral health can pay off in leaps and bounds when it comes to the ripple effects of positive reinforcement and proactive treatment.

No More Missed School

Did you know that the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools warns that 51 million school hours are lost each year due to a dental-related illness? When you think about how cavities and periodontal disease can affect your child’s health in more ways than one, this makes complete sense. A serious flare-up of gum disease or a rotting tooth will have your child howling in pain, and your school may even force you to send them back home until they get better. By finding a children’s dentist that takes your child’s oral care seriously, you will ensure that there are no more missing school days and that your child is on track to become the scholar they are meant to be!

Crying Is No Fun

Is there any adult in the history of Earth that likes to hear a child cry? Crying is one of the most alarming and obnoxious behaviors that anyone can do, but when a child cries it takes on a frantic aura in which we are desperately trying to figure out what’s wrong. Especially if we think that our child is in pain or in a subpar state, it tugs at our heartstrings to hear crying. Unfortunately, this can also be the result of having a toothache or cavity that has not been treated properly or inspected. By taking your child to the pediatric dentist and making sure that small problems don’t snowball into larger ones, you can eliminate one or a couple of sources of crying from your life.

Give Your Child the Care They Need

Being a parent is difficult, and we completely understand if the information you just read above is slightly exhausting. But aren’t you better off knowing how a pediatric dentist could help you out than being in the dark? From giving your child a solid foundation in oral care to making sure that they never miss school because of a toothache again, pediatric dentists provide a lot of value. Crying is something that we never like to hear as parents, and when your child has been to a dentist recently, you can at least be reassured that their howls aren’t from a developing cavity or toothache. With all the value that a pediatric dentist can provide, don’t you think you should be making an appointment sooner rather than later? When you’re ready to give your child the best in pediatric dental care, be sure to contact Jacaranda Smiles for more information.

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