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Tips For Keeping Your Natural Teeth

Posted on March 1, 2019

You only get one set of natural teeth after losing your baby teeth. You should not believe that it is obvious for teeth to fall as you age. If proper dental care in maintained, the teeth can last for a lifetime says orthodontist in Pine, FL. However, you will need to take proper care of your natural teeth to preserve them for longer.

Here’s a Look at the Tips:

  • Fluoride is your friend

Fluoride is a mineral which helps in strengthening your teeth. It’s naturally found in water and it necessary to consume every single day to keep your teeth strong. People can also choose fluoride toothpaste or topical fluoride treatment by dentist for giving their teeth the needed fluoride foe retaining their strength.

  • Adhere to a consistent oral hygiene regimen

It’s mandatory to maintain a proper oral care routine for preserving your natural teeth. People need to brush and floss their teeth daily along with using mouthwash during the brushes. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and brush at least for 2 minutes making circular strokes.

  • Toss that old toothbrush

The toothbrushes need replacement every 3-4 months and you should not use them till the time bristles are worn out. You must diligently replace them every few months. People who use the same brush for a year or two are doing no good to their oral health.

  • Stop smoking

Smoking is injurious not only to your physical health but to your dental health as well. Smoking is injurious to your teeth and also increases your chances of cancer, tooth decay, gum diseases, and in worst case, tooth loss.

  • Blood in the mouth is cause for concern

If you notice blood in your mouth while brushing, it’s time to visit the dentist in FL 33029 as bleeding gums can be a sign of gum disease which can impact your oral as well as overall health in the long run. Thus, you need to address the symptoms as early as possible.

Regular dental visits for cleaning and examination are also imperative to maintain your natural teeth.

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