In Case of Emergency in Pembroke Pines & Plantation, FL

Nothing is worse than seeing your child in pain. But, sometimes pediatric dental emergencies happen, and parents need to act quickly. Here is a list of common mouth injuries and the necessary steps to manage the problem until you can get to a dentist.

Tooth Pain

It is common for kids to experience toothaches at some point in development. If the tooth pain persists, don’t wait to contact Jacaranda Smiles to schedule an appointment. Your child’s toothache may be the result of decay, dental trauma, tooth fracture or in adolescents, wisdom teeth.

What parents can do to help:

  • Clean the affected area with warm water
  • Check for food debris lodged in the tooth or soft tissues
  • Reduce swelling with a cold compress
  • Contact your Plantation, FL dentist for advice

Dental Avulsion

If your child completely knocks out a tooth, call Jacaranda Smiles immediately. Time is of the essence if you want to save your child’s tooth. Dentists usually do not try to replace an avulsed baby tooth. Doing so can potentially cause damage to the bud and the underlying adult tooth.

A permanent tooth may be replanted if the trauma has not caused irreparable damage. For successful implantation, the procedure must be performed with an hour of the dental avulsion.

What parents can do to help:

  • Find the knocked-out tooth and only handle the crown. Never touch the root.
  • Rinse with water but do not scrub the tooth
  • Insert the avulsed tooth back in the socket or have the child place it in cheek pouch. With younger kids, store the tooth in milk. It is crucial that you keep the tooth moist.
  • Visit any Jacaranda Smiles location or bring your child to the ER immediately.

Dental Intrusion

Some dental traumas force one or more teeth up into the jawbone. This can damage the ligament and fracture of the tooth socket. Plantation or Pembroke Pines dental office immediately if you suspect a dental intrusion. The problem may correct itself naturally, or endodontic treatment may be needed to preserve the tooth.

What parents can do to help:

  • Have the child rinse with cold water
  • Reduce swelling with ice packs
  • Administer Tylenol for pain
  • Visit any Jacaranda Smiles location or bring your child to the ER immediately.

Broken Tooth

In most cases of broken teeth, it is the crown that gets damaged. First, the extent of the fracture needs to be assessed using digital x-rays. If you notice any color change in the tooth, consider this a dental emergency. Minor fractures can be repaired with tooth sealant, but more severe breaks sometimes require a root canal.

How you can help:

  • Rinse the child’s mouth with warm water.
  • Place a moist cold compress on the affected area.
  • Administer Tylenol for pain
  • Pack the damaged tooth with wet cotton or a moist paper towel.
  • Visit any Jacaranda Smiles location or bring your child to the ER immediately.

Concussed Tooth Injury

If your child experiences a dental trauma that leaves a tooth banged up, but not dislodged or broken this is called a tooth concussion. This is a common occurrence in toddlers causing the tooth to be temporarily or permanently discolored. A dental concussion is typically not a pediatric dental emergency unless the affected tooth darkens or turns black.

Dr. Milan Khakhria

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