Caries & Cavity Treatment in Pembroke Pines & Plantation, FL

If your child has a cavity and you need to find caries treatment quickly, call the professionals at Jacaranda Smiles at our Plantation, FL or Pembroke Pines, FL locations.

Whether a baby tooth or an adult tooth is decayed, it is important to act fast and seek cavity treatment. Untreated dental caries can cause pain and tooth sensitivity. Over time, this condition can lead to more serious health problems.

Cavity Treatment

Once your Plantation, FL dentist has diagnosed a cavity, your child will likely need a dental filling. The two most commonly used fillings in children are:

  • Tooth-Colored Plastic: This white filling material matches the natural tooth color. It blends in better than a silver amalgam tooth filling.
  • Silver Amalgam: Metal fillings have been used by dentists for many decades. Cavity treatment with silver amalgam remains a trusted method of tooth repair.

Your dentist in Plantation or Pembroke Pines, FL can help you decide which filling material is best for your child. However, the affected tooth has a large cavity, Dr. Rene Landa may suggest a porcelain crown or endodontic therapy.

Why Children Need Caries Treatment

A lack of proper dental care is only one reason why kids need caries treatment. While having good oral hygiene habits and regular dentist visits can stop cavities in their tracks, genetics and diet also have an impact.

Cavity Treatment in Pembroke Pines, FL at Jacaranda Smiles

Jacaranda Smiles’ dental offices in Plantation, FL and Pembroke Pines, FL are built to meet the needs of children. Our highly trained staff of dental professionals will recommend the most effective cavity treatment for your children. We will also provide patient education to ensure that your kids remain healthy and work to avoid further cavities.

Dr. Milan Khakhria

Our orthodontist, Dr. Milan Khakhria (pronounced Ka-kria), was born and raised in Kenya, hence the safari theme of his office. At the age of 16, he went to England to complete his Dental degree from the University of Manchester Dental School. Before entering private practice in London, Dr. Khakhria also completed a one-year General Practice Residency. During this time in London, he met and married his lovely wife, Priti.

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