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How to Help Your Kids Form Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Posted on January 1, 2019

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As parents, we know how important it is to create and maintain good oral hygiene habits for our children. Good habits are imbibed right from childhood as they last for life. Also, it’s important for kids to have a proper oral hygiene routine as they have a chance of developing tooth decay. It’s the responsibility of parents to make children understand the significance of maintaining oral hygiene.

Encouraging and promoting good oral hygiene habits early in your child’s life is essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. By making brushing and flossing fun, and leading by example, you can help develop good oral hygiene habits for your child that will last a lifetime.

Tip 1: Start Early with Oral Care

You should start teaching your kids how to brush when they turn around two years old or when their first tooth appears. You can take a small size toothbrush along with a small quantity of paste. If your child insists to brush their teeth on their own, let them do that. When children reach the age of 5 or 6, they should be capable of brushing and flossing their teeth on their own.

Tip 2: Make Brushing and Flossing Fun

It’s a good idea to take your kids along shopping for oral hygiene products on their own. When they get to choose their favorite toothbrush, chances are they would look forward to using it. Let them choose their favorite color or favorite cartoon character toothbrush as fancy items attract kids. Make brushing and flossing a fun and enjoyable experience for your child. Let them choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste, and consider playing music or making up a song to sing while they brush.

Tip 3: Lead by Example

Children follow what their parents do as parents are their first teachers. If they notice their family members brushing and flossing their teeth, they would want to do the same too, and gradually it will become a habit. Apart from brushing and flossing, talk positively about dental visits so they are not apprehensive about seeing the dentist.. Set a good example for your child by practicing good oral hygiene habits yourself. Brush and floss twice a day, and be sure to get your regular dental check-ups too.

Tip 4: Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Offer your child healthy eating choices that include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid sticky and hard foods and candy, which can stick to teeth and cause decay and cavities.

Tip 5: Limit Sugary Snacks and Drinks

Watch and limit the amount of snacks and drinks that include sugar and processed foods. These snacks and drinks can contribute to tooth decay and cavities. Encourage your child to drink plenty of water and limit sugary drinks such as soda and juice. If your child does have a sugary snack or drink, have them brush their teeth afterward.

Tip 6: Get Regular Dental Check-ups

Make your child believe that a dental clinic is a good place and there is nothing to be afraid about. Take them to the dentist from an early age so that they become familiar with the routine. Your child should see a dentist every six months for a cleaning and check-up. Dental professionals can identify dental issues early on and prevent them from becoming more serious.

Tip 7: Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride toothpaste can help strengthen tooth enamel and protect against cavities. Be sure to use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and supervise your child to make sure they don’t swallow it.

Tip 8: Consider Sealants for Added Protection

Dental sealants are a thin, protective coating that can be applied to the back teeth to help prevent cavities. Talk to your pediatric dentist about whether sealants would be a good option for your child.

Tip 9: Avoid Sharing Utensils or Toothbrushes

Sharing utensils or toothbrushes with others can spread bacteria and increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Encourage your child to use their own utensils and toothbrush, and avoid sharing with others.

Tip 10: Make Oral Hygiene a Positive and Rewarding Experience

Kids are too young to understand the significance of brushing their teeth and its benefits. It’s important to make oral hygiene a positive experience for your child. Praise them for their efforts, and make it a fun and enjoyable activity. Consider offering rewards for consistent brushing and flossing, such as stickers or a special treat.

Good oral hygiene habits are essential for children’s dental health, and parents should encourage and teach them from an early age. At Jacaranda Smiles, we are committed to providing exceptional dental care for children and teenagers in Plantation, FL. We offer pediatric dental services and orthodontic treatment options, to help your child get a healthy and beautiful smile. If you have concerns about your child’s oral hygiene and would like to schedule a dental cleaning or orthodontic consultation, call or text us today at 954-866-1995.

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