Young boy wearing a red cars tshirt smiling and giving a thumbs up and sitting on stairs outside.

How Can a Pediatric Dentist Help My Child?

Posted on July 15, 2020

Young boy wearing a red cars tshirt smiling and giving a thumbs up and sitting on stairs outside.

As a parent, you undoubtedly put the health and well-being of your children first. That includes ensuring they take proper care of their teeth. But of course, that’s not something they can accomplish without help from a dental professional.

When it comes time to schedule those initial appointments, you might be wondering: “Do I need to find a childrens dentist? Or can I simply schedule a visit with my own general dentist?” While some general dentists will accommodate younger patients, the truth is that pediatric dentists are often more equipped to lay the foundation for lifelong oral health. Let’s discuss pediatric dentists and how they, specifically, can help your child.

What’s Different About Pediatric Dentists

Also known as pedodontists, pediatric dentists are specialized in the needs of young children and teenagers. In fact, kids dentists will typically undergo at least a couple more years of additional training after they complete their dental school requirements in order to ensure their young patients are welcomed into a non-threatening, positive environment during their visits.

For this reason, the offices of pediatric dentists will usually differ greatly from those of a general dentist. In many cases, pediatric dental offices will be bright, colorful, and fun for kids — giving patients something to look forward to during their visits, rather than something to fear. With help from a dentist specializing in children’s treatment, your little one won’t grow up with a dental phobia and will be motivated to take great care of their teeth.

How a Dentist For Children Can Help

We’ve already mentioned that a dentist for kids can create a psychologically safe atmosphere for young patients. In so doing, your child’s dentist will set the stage for long-term oral health.

Prevention is one of the most important aspects of early childhood dental care. Although more than 40% of children develop cavities by the time they reach kindergarten, regular visits with a dentist can minimize your child’s risk of cavity development. Not only will your child’s dentist provide your family with the information and physical tools needed to practice proper oral care at home, but they will also perform regular cleanings and apply treatments (like sealants or fluoride) to further protect your child’s oral health.

Still, dental issues might arise — but your child’s dentist can also detect those issues early on. By having regular examinations and X-Rays performed by their dentist, your child will have a lowered risk of complications resulting from unaddressed dental problems. In addition, your child’s dentist will provide education to both you and your kiddo, which can allow for continued oral care between visits. This is especially important for young patients, as they might not always have the dexterity or the foresight to care for their teeth on their own; by providing recommendations to the parents, dentists can cover all their bases.

In reality, not all dentists are created equal. While your general dentist may provide perfectly fine treatment for you, your child will likely require more specialized care during their adolescence. A pediatric dentist can provide treatment that’s both approachable and comprehensive. For more information or to schedule an orthodontics appointment for your child, please call our office today.

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