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Give Your Child’s Permanent Teeth needed Space They Need

Posted on August 27, 2018

Many parents may not know it, but baby teeth are important: they serve as guides for permanent teeth. When baby teeth fall out prematurely, the surrounding teeth may crowd out the space left by the missing tooth leaving little or no room for permanent teeth.

Some children expectedly lose one or more baby teeth before time, probably due to injury or decay. But that should not cause too much alarm because space maintainers can be used to keep the space until the child’s permanent teeth break out.

There are removable and fixed space maintainers, but we recommend fixed space maintainers since children are inclined to lose the movable type or not wear them reliably.

Space maintainers can be customized to provide your child’s mouth with the correct fit. Your child can be fitted with a space maintainer in just one appointment if it’s only a tooth that is missing. For multiple missing teeth, the dentist takes measurements and makes an impression of the space to be filled. A dental lab then creates the perfect space maintainer for your child.

Care for Space Maintainers

It’s necessary that your child observes usual oral health habits like flossing and brushing to prevent any irritations the spacers might cause as well as to protect teeth and gums. You can also use salt water or over-the-counter antibacterial mouthwashes which can heal gum tissues as well.

When Do You Remove Space Maintainers?

Contact your dentist when you or your child observe a permanent tooth trying to break out. This will help the dentist to determine the right time to remove the space maintainer. Never ignore your baby’s missing teeth. They serve the critical purpose of ensuring your child’s permanent teeth grow appropriately while also allowing them to eat solid foods.

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