Answering 3 Popular Questions About When Children Should See Pediatric Dentists

Answering 3 Popular Questions About When Children Should See Pediatric Dentists

Posted on April 26, 2022

Answering 3 Popular Questions About When Children Should See Pediatric Dentists

Dentistry prefers the preventative approach when it comes to protecting your teeth. That’s why it is important to schedule appointments with your dentist twice a year for a checkup. A pediatric dentist is a dentist for children, and there is often confusion about how to make sure children are getting the best dental care beyond brushing their teeth. Here are the answers to three important questions you may be having about when your children should see a pediatric dentist.

How Early Should I Take My Child to the Dentist?

There are two milestones that you as a parent can use to help you begin scheduling dental visits for your newborn. A children’s dentist will recommend that you bring in your child to the office no later than their first birthday but should schedule an appointment as soon as their first tooth comes in, according to Mouth Healthy and the American Dental Association. This ensures a professional can examine your child’s teeth and enamel as early as possible.

Why Is It So Important That My Child Visits the Dentist Early?

We believe that prevention and early detection help us provide the best dental and orthodontic care to all patients. Examining teeth early can help your child take action in cleaning or straightening their teeth early in their life. By introducing these habits early, we hope to instill a lifelong understanding of oral health in your child, so they can take care of them for years to come. It is also always helpful to have a professional dentist for kids examining their teeth for cavities and other concerns.

How Do I Know if Orthodontics Is Necessary for My Child?

The best orthodontists will have their offices decorated warmly and friendly to welcome all new patients. Seeing artwork on the walls, and pictures and models of humans and animals with braces can be very inclusive for children. Age seven is typically a good milestone to shoot for when planning a visit to the orthodontist. Getting braces in their early teen years can be a way for children to bond with friends and other students in their classes and allow them some self-expression through the colors of their brackets.

Pediatric dentists and orthodontists are committed to protecting your child’s teeth so they may have a confident, straight smile. Part of this process involves teaching children how to be responsible for and take care of their teeth through what they eat and drink and how they clean them regularly. Parents of Pembroke Pines and Plantation, Florida, check out Jacaranda Smiles for your child’s very first dental visit!


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